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We have people referred to us by our clients on a regular basis. Many times, the folks who get referred to us are getting close to retirement. They may be a few years away, but many think they are in pretty good shape to make that retirement happen on their terms. Based on our experience and planning, their income plans typically tell a very different story. We use a success probability program as part of our planning software, and many times the results show lower chances of success in retirement. The numbers just don’t line up. When we break the news, many are not happy, and understandably so. Their expectations are shattered. But I tell them not to worry because we feel we can definitely help them. Typically, in our next meeting together, with their updated income plan ready to go, we are able to show they could potentially increase their success probability from “not great” to “fantastic.” We do it by suggesting these four simple steps that usually help many of the people we see. 1. Adjust the allocation of their portfolio. 2. Consider a downside protection strategy to the portfolio. 3. Implement an income strategy that allows them to take money from the right place, at the right time in retirement. 4. Do some planning to potentially maximize Social Security incomes. These steps aim to help themmake their planning more efficient but also boost their confidence in trying to avoid running out of money in retirement. That confidence, as the old Visa commercials used to say, is “priceless.” The real issue, though, is that many couples may not achieve their idea of a successful retirement based on their original plans. We aim

to turn that around, and many times our clients are so happy with the results and truly appreciate their friends referring them to us. It is basically a win-win-win because their friends are also happy they could help. If these couples had never learned about us, we would not have been able to adjust their planning to get them back on track toward a successful retirement

We are glad to have the chance to make a difference in our clients' lives. They feel more confident knowing their plans will be working toward their retirement goals. And another thing: Our clients who refer couples are now Ambassadors with Campbell Wealth, which means they will be invited to attend some pretty cool events we’ve set up exclusively for our Ambassadors! (See more Ambassador Program highlights on Page 3.) You can be a part of the Ambassador Program too! If you know someone who’s asking questions about retirement, someone who's interested in a second opinion regarding their investments, or if you have friends who have gone through a major life-changing event such as the death of a spouse, retirement, or a significant job change, let us know! You are more than welcome to introduce your friends to us. We’re happy to meet with them and answer any questions or concerns they have. When they come in for their first meeting, you will get your 2019 Ambassador card, and you’ll receive an invitation to our fall Ambassador event (more details coming soon). In the meantime, we hope you’re getting the most out of the last few days of summer. We’ll see you in the fall! Kelly Campbell

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