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Law Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint What I Learned From a 7-Year Case

Ever since 2020 started, I’ve been pouring a lot of my personal time and energy into fitness. If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be getting up at 4 a.m. three times a week to work out, I would have told you that was impossible, but here we are! When the new year hit, it was like a switch flipped, and my motivation finally kicked in. My go-to gym is a spot that offers circuit training with exercises like rowing, weights, and running. My endurance has improved a lot since I started there, and with the Boston Marathon coming up this month, I’ve been toying with the idea of taking on a similar challenge. A marathon is still far off for me, but I could see myself gearing up for a half-marathon at some point. Building up my endurance in the gym has gotten me thinking a lot more about endurance in general, and specifically how it applies to other areas of my life. We all deal with challenges that require mental and emotional endurance — endeavors that are marathons, not sprints. Parenting, for example, is a marathon that lasts a lifetime. My work is another example. While my cases aren’t as long term as fatherhood, they’re often not sprints, either. Being a good lawyer takes endurance, and sometimes so does being a successful client. Recently, my team and I wrapped up a case that really drove that point home. It took our client’s mother and me a total of seven years to get justice, but in that time, she never wavered, and in the end, her endurance paid off. This all started back in 2013 when our minor client and his mother were struck by a drunk driver. They were in her vehicle, stopped in the breakdown lane of Route 3 North in Braintree, when the other driver careened into

As our client and his mother found out, endurance, patience, and trust pay off. Not all lawyers would have been willing to take on that kind of case and go all-in for seven years, but my team knows that law is a marathon, not a sprint. In the end, seeing the joy and relief on our clients’ faces is always worth it, no matter how long the fight! If you’re locked in a legal battle that looks like it could drag on for months or years and you’re starting to give up hope, don’t —we can help. Call my office today at 401-751-6100, and we’ll lace up our best marathon shoes.

them. Paramedics rushed our client to Boston Children’s Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a left femoral diaphyseal fracture and soft-tissue swelling. He had surgery the next day, but dealing with the mental and emotional fallout from the accident — including PTSD symptoms and a fear of traveling in cars — wasn’t so simple. Counseling helped, but the whole ordeal significantly impacted his life. At first, our client’s mother tried to fight the case alone. But when the statute of limitations was nearly up and a settlement was on the table, she turned to us for help. The initial settlement offer was just $70,000, $30,000 short of the $100,000 limit we could obtain from the drunk driver. We knew our client deserved the full amount, so for the next three years we fought for him to get it, and in 2017 we finally won the full $100,000, opening up the possibility of going after a second $100,000 from our client’s underinsured insurance policy. After another two and a half years of rejecting lowball settlement offers, we pulled through and won that as well for a grand total of $200,000.

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