Redfin MN Buyer Agreement (2020)

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How You Save with Redfin Many Minnesota Real Estate Brokers charge 5%, 6%, or even 7% of the home’s sale price as their Lisng Commission. Brokers may also charge an addional “Administrave Commission” that is hundreds of $$$’s more! In Minnesota, Redfin’s Lisng Commission is 4.25% (1.50% + 2.75%*) with NO addional fees or administrave commissions - saving you thousands! Selling a Home Let’s say you want to sell a $350,000 home. The Lisng Broker might charge a 6.00% commission. That’s $21,000! That is typically split 3.30% ($11,550) to the Lisng Broker and 2.70% ($9,450) to the Buyer Broker. At Redfin, our 4.25% commission is just $14,875 (Saving you $6,125)* Buying a Home Let’s say you purchase a new home for $350,000. As your Buyer Broker, Redfin might receive a commission of 2.70%* ($9,450). The typical Buyer Broker keeps all of that $9,450! Redfin gives you back a Redfin Refund!* At Redfin, you get money back! (We’ll refund $580 on a $350,000 sale)* *You may save .5% more if you Sell and Buy with Redfin. There is no refund for homes less than $250,000. Our Minimum Lisng Commission $3,000. Seller determines Buyer Broker Commission. Ask your agent for details!

Redfin Minnesota 12800 Whitewater Drive #100 Minnetonka, MN 55343 (2020-Q2)

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