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Hard Work and a Little Luck Good and Bad Luck Are an Opportunity for Growth

J ust over 15 years ago, I was working for a different I could convince the company to open a clinic closer to home. I prepared data and evidence to show why this move would be great for the company. I was invested in continuing my work with this company, and I wanted to see them grow. company. The commute was very, very long, and I knew the business would thrive in our Clermont region. I saw the need, and as I drove miles and miles each day, I knew It was a bout of bad luck. I had worked hard, made my case, and fought for this new clinic. But the company didn’t see the value in what I had compiled. There was nothing I could do to convince them otherwise. But rather than just accept it, I decided I could do something about this. I had done the work and research, and I’m a physical therapy expert. Why couldn’t I open my own clinic in Clermont? I decided that a little bit of bad luck didn’t have to remain that way, so my team and I made my vision happen, and I opened my own clinic. In retrospect, this was very daunting. I was in my mid-20s, and I didn’t know much about owning a business beyond what I had seen my father do. But I knew I could learn, and I decided it would be worth it to take the chance. It was a period of a lot of learning, research, and hard lessons, but that’s how Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation got to where it is today. Fifteen years later, we’re still here, and we love our jobs! It’s been tremendous to see how this clinic continues to grow every year. And they never took me up on my offer.

our way. Yes, it’s been a little bit of luck to get us to this point, but everyone’s work and dedication to our patients’ healing has gotten us to this point. Without this kind of compassion, we could not be here today! For our patients, the concept of luck can be tricky. When we meet a weekend warrior who is coming in because of an injury or pain, they can feel down on their luck or discouraged. Our team combats these feelings by feeding into that weekend warrior’s competitive drive. Personally, I like to remind them that everyone loves a good comeback story! This is the beginning of their story, and we can get them back to the court or course with just a little work. Others just need a reminder that this injury is an opportunity to change their lives. Maybe they have been living a lifestyle that hasn’t been sustainable, and together, we can find solutions that turn this seemingly bad luck into good luck by changing their habits and hobbies. Throughout my experience in this field, I believe luck certainly exists. Some people are just unlucky with the injuries they get and the pain they feel. But pain is also an opportunity to change. And we can help you seize it.

You could say we’ve been very lucky, but I like to think that we’ve taken advantage of the opportunities that have come



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