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LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards

LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards

In his own words: ³ London is magic. IW¶V the castles, the Greenwich diamond, Hogwarts, midnight Shakespeare, the Hardrock Café off of Hyde Park underground station [back when the black leather jackets had embroidered logos not the newer ones with the silkscreened versions ± if you still have those I still have mine. I bought three ± great burgers too].There are the video game arcades open all night, video gamers in fenced off quarters, plays, comic book stores full of hardcore fans and all thing D&D. The hotel staff are so polite, and of course, Wimbledon. But I skipped some things when I wanted to explore. ThaW¶V how I found the Shakespeare midnight plays. Britain carries, within its history and through its alliances, a complex tapestry, and Western nexus of influence we see woven within movies we love as Americans and stories we reveal as history junkies after Whe crediWV roll.´

Mike says Western Europe is a nexus for the building blocks of modern Art as well. The way we express ourselves now is the combination of Art and Science. Never has the College of Arts and Sciences been more relevant. Think about COVID. People are stuck at home and they are using technology like video conferencing to approximate human contact as best possible. This is where Phantom Record VŒ ILQGV RSSRUWXQLW\. COVID KaV SURYHQ ZK\ Phantom Œ ¶V distinct delivery model is pandemic proof. One could call it ³ socially conscious ´ and LW¶V one reason KH¶V had loyal customers through the years. In an industry so complex that can be fickle about taste from year to year, like fashion, how does Phantom Œ UHPaLQ UHOHYaQW? TKH WHaP VLPSO\ WaSV aW WKH VRXUcH ± with permission.

Mike truly works with the ³ end user ´ as he says. He has several credits in multiple disciplines of education all related to visual arts and technology mastery which enable him to bring visual prototypes to life that are interactive and perfectly convey his ideas. IW¶V easy for a team to follow through. IW¶V also easy to test it before building it. Much like he did with Gamescape Interactive NZ Ltd., in New Zealand, Mr. Widener tests, and tests, and tests. He reports that he listens to his marquee mixes six weeks before KH¶V satisfied he ZRQ¶W change one any further. TKaW¶V when he uploads it to a streaming service that legally and accurately dolls out the cash to all the right parties. TKaW¶V the ³ permission ´ piece. To Mike , you have to ask. You caQ¶W take. A DJ , as a taste-maker, can be one of two things: a taste-maker or a taste- HQabOHU. TRaG\¶V HaVH RI POa\OLVW VKaULQJ & bacN - door, analytics holds the answer to marketing success while DJs can interpret Playlist using their own expertise and human experiences to know when to add a track WKH cXVWRPHU GLGQ¶W¶ aVN IRU. . A collection of Spotify or Pandora Playlists is all WRGa\¶V DJs need from an End Use r to tailor a custom mixtape. Because WRGa\¶V listeners are streaming so much; DJs can gain access to their usage data to track product success after the sale. IW¶V much easier now.

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