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LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards


This begs the question: What do you do then? He dReVQ¶W just take his ideas and perform a mix to his listeners. He uses his User Experience Design skills to approach DJing like a service instead of a performance. He has an IT Support style to his work. He uses tools and judgement to fix computer problems and music to fix complex emotional and relationship problems. Music has always done that but Phantom Records Œ monetizes it. ³Customers alZa\s tr\ innovative services. If you have it doZn, the\ tend to sta\.´ Phantom Œ calls them ³ Music Journals ´ and WKe\¶Ue more like personal µ time capsules ¶ than performances. Can you perform a journal. ³ Yes; but LW¶V still a journal. ´

Motion Capture :

Mike built every site related to Phantom Records Œ RU KLV WUaGHPaUNHG DJ QaPH: DJ eXperience ®. In order of achievement, Mike is an expert Mac® Desktop Publisher, PC Computer Salesman, Computer Support Technician, Computer Technician, In- Home Support Professional, Certified Network Administrator, Certified Adobe Designer (Master Collection), Certified Usability Specialist, and Undergraduate from American University in the first and only unique degree: a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design and Development.

The mixtape has often been the subject of scorn within the Music Industry, allowing third parties to profit from unlicensed music. At Phantom Records Œ, the team takes the strain from DJs who simply want to make good music. They provide a detailed explanation of the legal landscape enabling DJs to stay informed and continue their craft while the laws change around them, Phantom Records Œ PHaQV H[acWO\ WKaW. IW¶V a UHcRUGLQJ RI VRPHRQH HOVH¶ s track put together into an uninterrupted listening experience the DJ created resulting in an Album without an AUWLVW. IW¶V IXOO RI YaULRXV VWaQGaUG AUWLVW s bXW WKHUH¶V QR ³CRPSRVHU . ´ So Mike and his team call them phantom albums or Phantom Records Œ. Bottom: Our Headquarters Office inside the above door in Gaithersburg, MaU\OaQd. SWa\ WXQed, aV \RX¶OO Vee Ze¶Ye RSeQed a QeZ RQe LQ LaV VeJaV, (Nevada.) Each State has a corresponding, secure streaming studio. TRS: OXU MaU\OaQd LRbb\. TKLV LV ZKaW \RX¶OO Vee RQ RXU SecRQd FORRU RQce visiting our Headquarters.

This logo is based on a hired design from 1999. It served as Gamescape Interactive NZ Ltd.

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