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Practical Applications for Phantom Records Œ & DJ eXperience ® : PKaQWRP RHcRUGV ŒaQG DJ HXSHULHQcHŠ ZRUN KaQG LQ KaQG. MXcK OLNH a RHcRUG LabHO aUUaQJHPHQW, WKH GLIIHUHQcH LV LI \RX LPaJLQJ a Label WKaW¶V social conscious and economically supportive. Mike¶V team LVQ¶W your average U.S. company. His entire original goal of Phantom Œ ZaV RbWaLQLQJ HQRXJK DJV LQ UHJLVWU\ WR TXaOLI\ them all for group healthcare at an affordable rate. The passage of the Affordable Care Act , which Mike canvassed for in his own time Passing that law made MLNH¶V goal of healthcare for all DJs a moot point so he and his team moved on to put their efforts into continuing to research and develop the next

level in music delivery. As mentioned early in this piece, the music industry I¶ d highly complex. It was manageable before 1999; however. Yet; thereafter, things went into an undiscovered country with peer-peer file sharing , ease of access to digital music, burning copies from CDs listener GLGQ¶W own, and so on. In their own words: ³ At Phantom Œ, Ze dR RXU KRPeZRUN. We OeaUQed WKaW Lf \RX read the tiny fine print on vinyl and cassette tapes even then we dLdQ¶W actually own our music. In a way, Ze¶Ye always ³ rented ´ it according to how our music rights lawyers interpret it in the States. Did you know: a ³ song ´ are the lyrics, a ³ track ´ is not a song you hear, WKaW¶V called a ³ sound recording, ´ a ³ track ´ is one of up to 64 separate sound or instrument channels on a mix-board so a Producer can create an ³ arrangement ´ then go out and find someone to sing to it. If she or he does that, it becomes a ³ sound recording ´ presuming there are words to it. ´

Phantom Records Œ KaV gone beyond entertainment. MLNH¶V team has consulted medical professionals, researched the effects of music on memory recall, studies automated ways of paying music rights while streaming, and contact-free performance techniques and advertising strategies to leave customers feeling satisfied with a hassle-free listening experience. According to their research, which includes countless documentaries, literary journals, books, interviews, rumours, industry articles and news stories, music has already been shown to revive AO]KHLPHU¶V patients when used in conjunction with iPhones. This particular approach touches PKaQWRP¶V owner because he too has suffered a memory loss event leading to complete loss of his own name. Going from an honours student at CaOLIRUQLa¶V to High School, today at a fee of $36,200 a year, LW¶V ranked #1. If you visit College Prep, however, you ZRQ¶W find pretentious students or teachers. Proof is here: https://college-prep.org. Look for the high definition videos and humble descriptions of world-class facilities. lawyers for over 20 years. Pausing for a spell in 1999 to absorb the ramifications of the Millennium Act , Phantom Records Œ LV cRQ stantly researching.

Mr. WLGHQHU¶V GPA was a 3.5 at the school but due to its State-recognized honours status the GPA is automatically ³ bumped up ´ when applying to College (Post-Secondary School), meaning he graduated with a California 4.5. Then to have all that erased, including his name, and having to start over again learning arithmetic is a humbling experience especially when he has copies of his own A+ work but caQ¶W recall how it was done. And WKaW¶V not the end of it. Shortly after that, his entire home burned to the ground and but were it not for a friend banging on his door (while he was DJing with headphones on), he ZRXOGQ¶W have known. That was filmed and is a matter of permanent record. Dig up ³ The Home Show ´ to see the rubble that used to be Phantom Records Œ bacN LQ 1991.

³ I caQ¶W play Basketball as well as I wish but I certainly have an answer for anyone asking me how high I can jump. Thanks, for that Mr. Armstrong. ´ YHW, MLNH ZaVQ¶W GHWHUUHG. HH UH -learned, added skills, moved from school to school, including interning at Skywalker Ranch, receiving a written thanks from George Lucas himself, learning of Cogswell Polytechnic (now Called Cogswell UQLYHUVLW\) aQG aWWHQGLQJ (KH Va\V WKH\ VXbVcULbHG WR WZR RI BULWaLQ¶V PRVW NQRZQ Game Review magazines because of his request), visiting Pixar and taking a class with one of their animators, learning about and visiting Industrial Light and Magic and watching animators build a scene from Casper the Ghost using a cRPbLQaWLRQ RI 3D UHQGHUHG ³JURZLQJ´ aJaLQVW a VWLOO SKRWRVKR p image to give the impression of an entire 3Dimenional space, to going all the way to Lockheed Martin and donning a VR helmet to jump 400 feet on a top-secret rendered copy of Martian grand canyon over which he jumped. His words

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