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LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards

LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards

In short, Phantom Records Œ LQYHVWV in the people, and the people cooperate in sharing their product. The team at Phantom Records Œ sort out the costs themselves, a process businesses call profit-sharing. DJs are often underrepresented and overexploited in the entertainment industry, so this is a firm who are on their side. After aOO, LW¶V RZQHG b\ a DJ. It goes without saying that while there has been a clear need for some sort of streaming system in this regard, COVID-19 has accelerated the SURcHVV, aV ZH¶YH aOOXGHG. The ability to provide contactless DJ services is critical, especially at such an affordable rate. Various protective measures are in place to ensure that music is not stolen from hardworking professionals who simply want to do their jobs by enclosing them with secure apps. They mixes are not distributed to the customer, that sort of sale is a different OHJaO SURcHVV aQG WKH RZQHU¶V UHVHaUcK revealed that. Music is the soul of the entertainment industry and the team at Phantom Records Œ have spent over twenty years exploring brave new ways of sharing this music with people of all ages. WH¶UH certain that their current success is The owner believes that once that hurtle is only the first step on a path to greatness. They tell us that COVID is only the beginning because it did one thing they could never do ± get millions of people around the world to trust online businesses all at once. MXPSHG WKH JaPH LV WUXO\ aIRRW. A JaPH KH¶V ZRQ bHIRUH, HaUQLQJ cLWaWLRQ LQ APa]RQ.cRP¶V SaWHQW GRcXPHQW IRU LQQRYaWLRQ VR ZK\ ZRXOGQ¶W KLV RZQ initiative produce the same success when done LQ KLV bacN\aUG LQVWHaG RI LQ a cRXQWU\ KH¶G QHYHU been. The odds are in his favour. TKLV SaJH LV RXU OaVW SaJH aQG LW¶V GHGLcaWHG WR the future of our profiled innovator. Without going into too much detail about his future plans to roll out market differentiators, to separate newcomers from tried and true Industry evangelicals, who would be on his side, Phantom Œ KaV SUHSaUHG WKLV SaJH ZLWK a collection of snapshots. Each one relates to technology that will be leveraged to bring immersive, interactive, sonic experiences to his WHaP¶V DJ H[SHULHQcHV bURXJKW WR WKH V treaming market, during COVID, and after enough vaccinations the large market for a truly ground- breaking experience credited to one brand: DJ eXperience ®.

Above VR Star Wars has come to gaming. Does anyone think an innovator woul dQ¶W SXW a VTXad together and grab a few helmets and fight alongside each other to a mixtape while saving the galaxy? Which side color is your Saber? Blue Yellow, or Red?

From my months interning at Skywalker Ranch. The upper window shaped like a triangle was my office. Mr. LXcaV VLJQed a bRRN fRU Pe: ³TKaQNV, MLNe. Ma\ WKe fRUce be ZLWK \RX!´ We dR Ze WKLQN?

AbRYe: QR CRde: See WKe VTXaUe abRYe. TKaW¶V P\ QR CRde. TaNe a SLcWXUe Rf WKaW ZLWK a VPaUWSKRQe aQd LW¶OO SUe -populate my contact LQfRUPaWLRQ. IW¶V aOZa\V XSdaWed becaXVe I PaQaJe L t on my end.

While house-sitting for family friends, a local contact took me around sites I never knew existed right under my nose. OQce \RX¶Ye beeQ \RX¶OO ZRQdeU Lf LW¶V such a good idea to keep using up open space.

Above: The future of DJ entertainment brought to you by Phantom Records Œ LLC, GP, & DBA, DJ eXSeULeQceŠ aQd WKe Phantom Œ.

Company: Phantom Records LLC Contact: Michael Thomas Widener Website: www.phantomrecords.com Artist: www.djexperience.biz From U.S.: +1 (301) 847-9291. From Britain: 011 (301) 847-9291

Right: My Alma Mater in Washington D.C. American University is known for International Studies. IW¶V aOVR great for curiosity, a uniquely balanced general education program and an amazing adPLQLVWUaWLRQ. I ZRXOdQ¶W be who I am without AU.

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