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New ‘Kids’ on the Block

We have some news. It’s big news. We adopted two more “children” last month. Yep, this Brady Bunch just got a little bigger. Meet Gaylord and Hoover. If you know us well, you may be thinking, “Wait a minute, I thought you guys always said you’re only subtracting from here on out!” And you’re right. We have always said that. We have six children altogether, plus we already have two dogs, whom we affectionately call our grumpy old men. So whatever possessed us to adopt two cats at this point in life? As you may know, in January, we lost Ben’s mom, Jean Dickinson, to a courageous, decade-long battle with cancer. The progression of her illness at the end was sudden and took us all off guard. Her death, while peaceful, left us all grieving in different ways and with that heavy feeling that she was gone far too soon. Jean’s cat (aka best friend), Gaylord (yes, just like “Meet the Fockers”), was also left behind. It was only natural that he would come live with us — much to our dogs’ surprise and amazement. The end of January was an adventure as we spent equal time nursing our broken hearts while also attempting to convince our three furry friends that we really could coexist without too much drama. Just as the hissing and swiping began to lighten up a bit, Ben had the brilliant idea of giving Gaylord a feline friend to keep him company when the dogs

wouldn’t play with him. And the search began for our most recent adoptee.

Ben found a rescue organization with lots of cats to choose from and shared the link with Jenny to find a few potentials. Jenny, never one to ignore her first impressions, saw Hoover’s picture and zeroed right in to find out more about him. The very first detail that jumped off the page was his birthday: April 1. Just like Jean! That was it. Decision made. The adoption application was submitted, approvals were granted, and plans were made to pick him up. After just a few days together, we’re pleased to say the cats are getting along wonderfully and enjoy chasing each other through the house playing hide-and-seek. The dogs, however, are still not quite sure what to think of the cats (or us, for that matter). We’re hoping that by the time this article goes to print, things will have calmed down a bit in that department, but for now, we’re dealing with two dogs who want to be friendly with a new kitten who doesn’t quite get their friendly overtures just yet. Pray for us!



One of the causes near and dear to Jean’s heart was helping children and families. If you’d like to help us honor her memory, we have asked that donations be made to the AAML Foundation in her memory (

–Ben and Jenny Stevens

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