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Dr. Gerry Perret has been a client of Ortho Technology basically since our company’s inception. Over the years, the Tampa-based clinician hasn’t just ordered our products, he’s designed and invented several of his own! So, this month, we got in touch with Dr. Perret to get his perspective on his experience with Ortho Tech! Ortho Technology started about the same year as my practice, in the early 1990s. In that time, I’ve had the pleasure of watching (and hopefully helping) them grow into a flourishing company. I was initially attracted by their quality products, but it was the people who worked for them kept me coming back. Having practiced orthodontics for almost 30 years now, I’ve consistently had Ortho Tech products on my tray.

From pliers and archwires to bracket systems, each tool has proved to be top-notch. In particular, I’m a fan of their impression trays and alginate. I hate to sound cliché, but they really are a one-stop shop. It’s one thing to just have quality products; it’s another to have quality customer service as well — this is where Ortho Tech really shines. Over the decades, I’ve continued getting to know most of their team on a first-name basis and have never had a problem calling in with questions or concerns. The personable, knowledgeable nature of their team became invaluable when I began developing my own orthodontic tools. My first claim to fame as an orthodontic inventor were the ever- popular disposable archwire markers.

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marking archwires at my practice and provided an elegant solution to a common problem. Ortho Tech saw the applicability and gave me a shot. Now “OrthoGap” markers and their dispensers are one of their staple products. As I’ve worked to develop ideas for new orthodontic tools over the years, the people at Ortho Tech have never had a problem acting as a sounding board. Their willingness to listen and provide feedback speaks not only to the way they value their customers, but to their commitment to driving innovation in the industry. I suppose some might consider this “old-fashioned,” but if there’s one thing I want my peers in the industry to take away from reading this, it’s the value of picking up the phone and calling the businesses you work with. It lets you know the real people who help your clinic function, and it opens doors to meaningful long-term relationships. The people at Ortho Tech excel at this interpersonal communication. That, more than anything, is why I’ve stood by them for nearly three decades.

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