C+S September 2020 Vol. 6 Issue 9 (web)

The geocellular system stabilizes the aggregate, preventing movement under vehicle loads, and allows stormwater to drain into the soil rather than run off and create problems for residents and the environment. Because water so easily infiltrated the access road, Mobile did not require APC to build the retention pond per its regulations. Had an impervious surface been installed, stormwater would deviate from established flows, and nearby residences likely would have complained about stormwater on their properties. The substation provided Providence Hospital with two sources of power. In the event of a power failure at one, electricity would shift to the other, keeping the hospital’s vital machinery online. Design Support & Resources for Utilities & Electrical Transmission The engineering teamat PrestoGeosystems works closelywith civil engineers, offering free project evaluation services and on-site support for utility maintenance roads and substations. Contact the Presto Geosystems team to request a free project evaluation or to learn more about the GEOWEB® 3D Soil Stabilization System.


september 2020


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