C+S September 2020 Vol. 6 Issue 9 (web)

as carrying out earthworks to form the marina basin and reinforcing concrete retaining walls. The 35m long, three-span footbridge, fabricated by SH Structures, was installed to connect the housing development and marina with the Grand Union Canal. The bridge, which is aligned with the marina entrance and crosses the waterway at right angles is extremely unique in its design made out of weathering steel with a laser cut steel balustrade system and featuring panels cut to resemble riverside reeds and grasses. This is one of Land &Water’s most bespoke projects as the deck of the bridge also branches in two parts to form a Y-shape. Taplow As part of its works with another housing developer, Berkeley Homes, Land & Water installed a footbridge over the River Thames to connect Ray Mill Island with the housebuilder’s development at Taplow in Berk- shire. These works were carried out between June 2017 – January 2018. The construction of the bridge from the land was not possible, due to the complex riverside location of the site, meaning the project team had to install an extensive amount of piled foundations whilst reinforc- ing concrete abutments to support a statement bridge. This challenge was then accentuated by the need to complete one of the abutments entirely from the water requiring specialist equipment, including pontoons and cranes specifically designed for the task.

The 40-tonne bridge was then delivered in pieces and assembled a mile down river. Kevin Kirkland says: “Land & Water has always prided itself on be- ing an innovative contractor and finding solutions to complex access problems is a major reason why our customers come back to us time and time again. “This project will always stand out in my memory. I will never forget floating a 40 ton, fully built bridge up the River Thames. Most of all though is the fact that this project possibly would never have happened if we hadn’t been able to find such a creative solution.” Despite the most recent challenges faced by the Coronavirus pandemic, Land & Water continues to trade strongly, taking on landmark projects and continuing its ongoing investment into industry leading plant. Its successful infrastructure and bridge works, which have taken place within the past year, is a great example of how the civil engineering firm works to overcome testing circumstances to deliver bespoke solu - tions to its clients. About Land & Water Land & Water is an award-winning inland waterway and coastal civil and environmental engineering company based in the UK. Throughout their 40-year history, their name has become synonymous with finding creative and effective solutions to complex challenges in the specialist environment where land and water meet. Often working in complex or sensitive habitats, their work is always completed with sympathy to the local surroundings, people and the environment.

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