Lehigh Valley Smile Designs December 2019

DEC 2019

The Undisputed Tooth

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Because TheyMean Everything to Us We Give Our All for Our Patients

On days that I visit the office, I find myself in constant gratitude. I had been practicing dentistry for a long time before my disability, and still, my team never ceases to amaze me with their dedication, work ethic, and enthusiasm within the office. Time and time again, I see how much our team at Lehigh Valley Smile Designs cares for the practice and, most importantly, our patients. Dentistry is a constantly evolving field, where it’s not enough for a doctor to decide whether or not they’re going to bring a certain service into the office. The team has to understand, believe, and see the benefits of what that treatment will give the patients. Until every member of the team is on board, patient care doesn’t advance. Everyone, no matter how long they’ve been with us, is committed to providing the best services to our patients by staying current with the latest treatments and technology. Many of our team members have traveled from coast to coast to participate in training programs all across the country, ensuring our patients will be taken care of once we return home.

We are excited to announce 20 years of excellent service by Kim, Chrissy, Sharon, and Leah. They have dedicated a lot of their time toward advancing patient care. We will be honoring them in the spring for their respective 20-year anniversaries as they are the best of the best! Dr. Patrick Petrillo and Dr. Bernhard Kabitzke are lifelong learners as they are always looking to perfect techniques, thus enhancing patient care. These benefits are key for the team because everything we do here is for our patients — everything is about our patients. Every piece of equipment and every course our team completes is all in the interest of benefiting patients. Our aim is to help our patients live longer, healthier lives for as long as they can. The team here is an essential part of our goals, beliefs, and the benefits our patients experience by coming to us when they need help. While I am so grateful for my team and their efforts to help each and every patient, I am also thankful for every patient who walks through our doors. I like to consider our patients every much as part of the team here as all of our dentists and team members. Without the support of the people who come to us, talk to us about their day, and continue to support us, Lehigh Valley Smile Designs wouldn’t be the same. We would not have reached the point where we’re at right now if it weren’t for both our team members and our patients.

We opened the mail last week and, to our surprise, were notified that our office won the category for BEST COSMETIC DENTIST in the “Who’s Who in Business” survey conducted by Lehigh Valley Style. We could only win this because we have the best dental team and the best dental patients. We are so excited to win this contest! Thank you, all, for everything you’ve done for us over the years, and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Dr. Mike Petrillo




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