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By the time we get to the last home, it's pretty late and almost time for the ball to drop. This final destination is usually the dance party house, where everyone gets together to dance or just chat with each other in anticipation of the new year. Our place is generally the last stop, which is a lot of fun because people stay as long as they want, which is never too late. We all enjoy watching the ball drop and everyone likes to yell, cheer, and toast to the new year. Once New Year’s Day arrives, we have a large breakfast and spend the day relaxing or skiing. Every year we’ve gone, it's been a ton of fun, and the weather and snow are just about perfect each time. Skiing is always an exhilarating way to start off the year, but none of us wake up early on New Year’s Day, because we agree to sleep in as much as possible. When we first started this tradition, I enjoyed helping my daughters learn how to ski. It was always exciting to give them a few pointers and spend the day together. Now, at 16 and 14, it’s tough to keep up with them because they’re so fast. And forget my nieces — I couldn’t catch them if I tried. We do ski together though, sometimes in a pack of 10. We all have a blast going up and down the mountain and from one house to another as we celebrate New Year's with family and neighbors. Whatever your traditions are, we wish you a very happy new year! –Neil Crowley "Everyone bundles up and heads out into the snow to walk from house to house, none of which are far apart, to enjoy the celebrations at each person's home."

A ROTATING PARTY Why Have Only One Celebration?

person's home. Every house provides their own style of food, drink, and game so that all feature something a little different than the host before. Luckily, my sister and brother-in-law let us join in on the fun. To start the night off, we head to one of the neighbor’s and stay there for an hour or two, enjoying whatever entertainment they’ve come up with. One game that is pretty popular with this group is called Left, Right, Center. It involves three dice, which are passed around, and each person has three chips. On your turn, you roll the special dice that have the letters L, C, and R, on them. The letters you roll dictate where each of your three chips is going to go — either to the person on your left, right, or to the middle of the table. It's a great game, and we can usually get about 35 people sitting around a table to play comfortably. It’s a simple enough game, but it gets competitive, and it's the type of game that has sudden changes; you are never really out until the end.

I’ve always liked New Year’s Eve. I think of a new year as a fresh beginning, and I’ve always enjoyed sending off the last one with a bang before starting over. My family and I usually go away to ski for New Year’s Eve. My brother-in-law has a place in North Conway, New Hampshire, which is a stone’s throw from Cranmore Mountain, and we are lucky enough to be invited up there to spend New Year’s with him and his family. We go skiing, spend some time together, and share pretty big meals. Everyone has a lovely time. We have a bit of a family tradition that we all participate in while we’re up there, too. Since they go up there every weekend and their daughters are on ski teams, they have a bunch of friends they ski with who live close by. Every year, they get together and coordinate what they call a “rotating party” for New Year's Eve. Everyone bundles up and heads out into the snow to walk from house to house, none of which are far apart, to enjoy the celebrations at each


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