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May 2020

My Wife Is My Greatest Hero

Of all the holidays in a year, I’ve always held Mother’s Day as one of my favorites. Having a wonderfully caring mom watch over me growing up and seeing my amazing wife work so hard to become a mother, I can’t help but look forward to celebrating this day with them. Motherhood is always something to be honored and revered, especially for the unending amounts of love and care moms give their kids. Growing up, there were a couple of cardinal rules in my house that we absolutely could not break: You can’t lie, and you can’t talk back to Mom. My mom put all her efforts into caring for her family, and that’s something I’ll never forget. One time when my dad forgot to take his lucky hat with him for a football game (he was a high school football coach and brought that hat with him everywhere), he pulled over on his way to the game, called my mom, and asked her to bring it. The next thing we knew, Mom loaded us up in the car, and we were off to give him his lucky hat. She always made taking care of us her priority, and that amount of love, effort, and sacrifice is something I’ve seen in my wife too. KariAnn and I married in 1997, but we agreed not to have kids until after we both graduated from school. Two years later, we finally got out of school, and we were excited to take this next step in our lives, both for our careers and the prospect of growing our family. But after a while, we started to realize something must be wrong — nothing was working. We spent the next couple of years trying to have kids, but everything we tried just didn’t work.

work the first time. we were then told that the only other option was IVF with an intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), which, as far as I know, is the highest advancement of technology available for people who are trying to have kids like we were. However, no one near us offered this form of treatment, so we had to drive to California. Nine months later, we finally had our first child. A couple years later, we made the trip again and —much to our surprise — it resulted in a situation that I call “buy one, get two free”; we had triplets (and we have been paying for it ever since). Throughout this entire process, KariAnn not only remained strong but also became my greatest hero. The hardest part for me wasn’t our inability to have children but watching KariAnn go through some of the hardest moments in her life. We did three cycles of IVF; I got good at giving shots. Knowing how much she sacrificed and how much she cares still creates this emotion inside me that’s hard to describe. I was there to help her in every way I could, but she was the one who took so much on her shoulders. My wife is an absolutely amazing person who’s worked harder than anyone else I know— not just to give birth to our kids but also to raise them in a loving and good home. When we finally held our eldest daughter for the first time, and then our three girls a few years later, each moment was like a miracle. I’ll never forget what KariAnn went through to bring our daughters into our lives or the feeling that filled me when I held each of them. After 10 years of trying, I stared into their small faces while filled with overwhelming joy. This is why I got to work — to help people and provide for my family. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

There were many doctor visits and suggestions that just weren’t successful. We even tried in vitro fertilization (IVF) once, but that didn’t

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