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November 2018

It’s Time Law Moved Into the 21st Century How We Embrace Change for the Sake of Our Clients

The deeper I get into law, the more I see how resistant hierarchies are to change. Big firms’ lawyers remain in their offices furnished with leather chairs and big hardwood desks, inaccessible to clients. Meanwhile, the average attorney is stretched thin from trying to fit their career into an outdated mold. The issue with both of these lawyers is that their way of doing business leaves out the most pivotal part of the equation: the client. It’s time law embraced change and move into the 21st century. Using communication, technology, and streamlined processes is the best way to serve clients. So much of our current state of affairs centers around control. Attorneys want tasks done on their terms and meetings on their schedules. By no means does this make them less competent lawyers, but it does make the process inefficient for the client. Another problem with this approach is that the greatest lawyers don’t get all the clients. You can have the best product in the world, but if you can’t market it, then you’re trapped. Law isn’t different than any other business. We provide a product —professional services — and to sustain long-term growth, we need efficient methods of operations. That’s why I attend business courses and invest in coaches who help me build systems so I can better serve my clients. I believe in my ability as a lawyer, and I want to offer up that experience to as many people as possible. The only way I can do that is to growmy business in every facet imaginable. There are seven parts to business: marketing, sales, production, people, the physical plant, money, and metrics. At the center of all of these aspects is the business owner, which is why personal investment is pivotal to business growth. Leadership guru John Maxwell describes

In the matter of an hour, we can have documents prepared and ready. From there, we’ll overnight packages and make sure to connect themwith a notary. If someone can’t leave the house, we’ll get a notary to drive to them. All of our processes center around one idea: making the client’s life easier. Everyone is busy, so it’s imperative our methods are as efficient as possible. Seamless experience, clear communication, and quick results are what we’re all about. Let us prove it to you.

this concept as“The Law of the Lid.”The idea states that a business will always be bound to the capacities of its leader. He uses the imagery of a pot on a stove. The lower the“lid”is on that pot, the less it can hold. But the higher the ceiling, the more potential. In other words, personal growth equals business growth. Our firm uses as much technology as possible to transition our client experience into modern standards. We have software that helps ensure accurate document preparation, we consult with clients over any communication medium we can, and we send digital files so clients can sign with their mobile device. The process isn’t aimed at making our lives as a firm easier, but instead centers around empowering the client.

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