PT Doc Physical Therapy - November 2023

We are here to help you get more out of life!

We can help you with:

• Lower Back Pain • Sciatica & Stenosis • Knee Pain • Shoulder Pain • Neck & Headache

• Joint Replacement Rehab • Balance & Fall Prevention • Unsteady Walking • Arthritic Hips • Arthritic Knees • Osteoporosis (With BioDensity Machine) • Parkinson’s Disease (With Rock Steady Boxing) • Unresolved Chronic Pain Remember, we have both physical and occupational therapy, which means two separate Medicare allotments of care benefits at our clinic. So, don’t worry if you have completed your Medicare CAP because you might have more benefits. Call our office at 718.747.2019 to find out!

The Physical Therapy Doctor 212-73 26th Ave. Bayside, NY 11360 718.747.2019

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