CIPP Payslip Statistics Report 2008-2019

The anecdotal responses outlining the plans being made include

All off-payroll workers have been written to regarding the changes. We do not have any contractors. Payroll isn't responsible for paying contractors in our company, but plans are being finalised as to how these will be handled from April going forwards. Currently under review. The occasional agency temp will need to be assessed and be sure the agency is deducting tax and NI. We set up a project team that was initially being led from our office in the US. After a number of meetings a UK project manager was assigned however we have now been through two project managers and still nothing has been decided. As we are a public sector organisation we already have this in hand. No plans have been made within payroll as another team are working on the project. I'm hoping to have some guidance from them soon! I'll look into it myself early 2020 to be on the safe side. We only have a small number of OPWs that do occasional work. We have a working group responsible for assessing the current state and build a working plan for BAU from April 2020 . The departments who use contractors are contacting them directly. Working party to review practice and policy. This will be dealt with at corporate level. We are reviewing all clients when their accounts are due. Project started two months ago - working in conjunction with HR on this issue. Already seeking advice and assessing the workforce now. No as this will be the responsibility of our clients. Lies with recruitment, however, company as a whole has looked to reduce number of "contractors" and bring them on PAYE. Have no contractors on payroll. We are in the process of identifying any contractors. Awaiting manager...could be a long wait. This is handled by our finance department, not Payroll. So far we have no off-payroll workers but we are up to date with the new rules and will put them in place if necessary in the near future. Internal reviews taking place for the contractors that we have (4-5 contractors). HR manager is dealing with the few which are affected. We have no current contractors but we are prepared for this to happen in the next 12 to 18 months. We act for contractors, for their own PSCs - so none of the answers are applicable. Have had a meeting with our employment advisors and sent out a communication to the Directors to make them aware of the potential impact and the work that needs to be carried out now, prior to April 2020. HR is dealing with this. Very time consuming to identify as do not normally come through payroll. Only one contractor, checked and assessed as self-employed. HR are dealing with this. Communication to be sent to our clients in January. Planning to start in the new year. We do not have any contractors.



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