CIPP Payslip Statistics Report 2008-2019

Additional costs 61% of respondents agreed they had raised the possibility of additional costs, however the anecdotal responses suggest that this message is not necessarily being heard within businesses.

This change may bring with it additional cost for your business, both direct costs due to employer NICs and indirect costs due to the resource needed to assess and communicate with contractors; have you raised this as an issue?

60% Yes

40% No

Additional anecdotal responses when asked if the issue of possible additional costs had been raised with the business

Communication has been issued to the business regarding the changes with further guidance due to be issued early next year. Additional cost i.e. NI but we will not require additional resources. If anything this has reduced costs as it has made how much we were spending on contractors highly visible and thus we are reducing the numbers. Most of the OPW are paid amounts lower than the NI thresholds.

We are aiming to reduce the number of contractors. A training session is planned across the business. Awaiting manager......could be a long wait.

Finance are aware of payroll's input. It is being looked into at present. Still at the data gathering stage. A communication to the directors to make them aware of the potential impact and costs. Not sure as HR is dealing with this. We briefed in August so they could plan

Only 18% of respondents confirmed that they had already estimated the additional costs involved, with 80% commenting that this work is still ongoing. Awareness of changes to the rules in the public sector There is less awareness of the forthcoming changes to the off-payroll working rules in the public sector, with 42% of respondents unaware of the changes regarding information and liability which are being introduced in April 2020.



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