CIPP Payslip Statistics Report 2008-2019

Cyclical re-enrolment Three years after staging for automatic enrolment, employers must re-enrol eligible jobholders who aren’t currently a member of the pension scheme. 92% of respondents have been through re-enrolment, with 74% finding the process fairly or very easy.

How did you find the re-enrolment process? Please explain the reasons for your answer in the comment box below.

One respondent commented that the most difficult part was explaining the situation to employees and that is reflected in the responses to the next question, in which 60% of respondents stated that they had received questions from workers who had previously opted out, wondering why they had been re-enrolled. Several respondents commented that their workers were unhappy at being re-enrolled and blamed their employers rather than the legislation.

Did you receive any queries fromworkers who had previously opted out, wondering why they have been re-enrolled?

Two thirds (67%) reported that the majority of employees who had previously opted out, opted out again when re- enrolled.



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