CIPP Payslip Statistics Report 2008-2019

Core demographics

In-house versus payroll service provider After remaining at a relatively constant 15-18% for many years, in 2019 the proportion of respondents reporting that they were a payroll service provider or agent acting on behalf of their client base has risen significantly to 25% with only 75% responding as an employer with an in-house payroll.

25% Payroll service provider

75% In-house payroll

Industry sector Apparently bucking the trend of recent years, the number of respondents from the

retail sector has increased this year to 12% from an average of 4-5% between 2016-2018. This figure will be monitored in next year’s research to identify whether this is a trend or simply an anomaly in 2019. The manufacturing industry has maintained its steady growth over recent years, this year hitting a peak of 15.8%. Responses from the construction industry continue a downward trend with only 4% of respondents.

Main business location Whilst the number of businesses with locations throughout the UK remains relatively consistent with previous years at 35%, and of those with a smaller operating area, the South East of England retains top spot with almost 13% of respondents, it is those respondents operating in Europe which show the biggest change in 2019. Perhaps in response to Brexit, 3% of respondents now state they operate in Europe compared with a previous high of 1.9% back in 2015.

3% of respondents now operate in Europe - an increase from 2015



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