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“I sustained a grade 2 strain of my left calf was further aggravated by inflammation in my Achilles tendon. This resulted in limitations in my ability to perform tasks such as construction at the house and cardio exercise like walking on the beach. The administration staff made the process easy and were very courteous and accommodating. Jillian assessed my injury and put together a comprehensive plan to heal and strengthen the calf muscle and supporting muscles. I can now resume all activities thanks to the great team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West.” - Robert L. “I can now resume all activities thanks to the great team at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West.” Take Care of Your Pain Before It’s Too Late.

Stephanie spends her free time as a waitress/bartender at a local Patchogue restaurant, coaching pole vault, running/working out, reading, and watching her favorite shows with her friends and family. Her favorite foods include spaghetti with homemade sauce, meatballs, and sushi. Her favorite part about working at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West is learning from the physical therapists and seeing patients progress from their initial visit and increasing their mobility and strength. TIME IS RUNNING OUT IN 2018! It’s the end of the year and now is the time to maximize your health benefits! As you begin to plan for next year, don’t forget to use your remaining healthcare benefits for this one (if medically necessary). If you’ve already paid a lot in health expenses this year, chances are anything covered by your health insurance plan will be much cheaper now than in January. That nagging back, neck or shoulder pain you have been ignoring needs to be taken care of. Many times, patients tell me that they have had pain for at least 4-6 months before they finally come in for treatment. So, if you’ve been meaning to deal with that nagging pain, now is the time to get it all done. Your benefits may reset after the first of the year, so take advantage now. Schedule a FREE 15 minute discovery visit and see how to get yourself in better health! Call Today! 516-731-3583

Patient Of The Month

Scott Nitz

Scott has been a patient with here at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West for over a month now. In his free time, Scott enjoys reading books and hanging out with his family. He loves coming to PT with us at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West because we create a great atmosphere for the patients, the people are great, and all the employees are accommodating and have a positive attitude.

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