City Lights Nov.

DeSoto City Lights November, 2016 A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department DeSoto Parks & Recreation Department Receives National Accreditation The NaƟonal RecreaƟon and Park AssociaƟon (NRPA) recently announced that the DeSoto Parks & RecreaƟon Department has received accreditaƟon by the Commission for AccreditaƟon of Park and RecreaƟon Agencies (CAPRA). With the announcement, DeSoto Parks & RecreaƟon joins an elite group of 155 park and recreaƟon agencies across the naƟon who have achieved accreditaƟon. “This naƟonal accreditaƟon of our Parks & RecreaƟon Department is another major milestone for our City,” said DeSoto Mayor CurƟstene McCowan. “The honor of being ranked among the "best of the best" is a testament to the outstanding leadership, dedicaƟon and hard work of our administraƟon, staff and community partners” said Mayor McCowan. “Special commendaƟons go to Renee Johnson and her team for establishing and maintaining a standard of excellence for programs and services that meet the needs of our diverse community.” NaƟonal accreditaƟon through CAPRA signifies that the Department employs naƟonal best pracƟces in all facets of the organizaƟon. It is an extensive, mulƟ‐year process which includes the

compleƟon of an applicaƟon and detailed self‐assessment report as well as a site assessment conducted by the agency and the Commission. AccreditaƟon requires agencies to respond to 151 standards represenƟng elements of effecƟve and efficient park and recreaƟon operaƟons. “The DeSoto Parks & RecreaƟon Team is commiƩed to providing a premier park system by implemenƟng the best management pracƟces and establishing an elite agency to serve our ciƟzens,” said M. Renee Johnson, Director, DeSoto Parks & RecreaƟon Department. “Our ciƟzens deserve the pursuit of excellence.” The DeSoto Police Department has been accredited by the Commission for AccreditaƟon of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) since 1993 and recently underwent a re‐ accreditaƟon. With the announcement of the Parks & RecreaƟon Department accreditaƟon, DeSoto is now one of only three local government agencies in the North Texas area to have two accredited departments.

There were big smiles all around as DeSoto learned that they were approved for the CAPRA accreditaƟon. Pictured here from leŌ, DeSoto Senior Center Manager Nathan Busby; RecreaƟon Specialist Roderick Turner; RecreaƟon/Civic Center Supervisor Kevin Moore; Managing Director M. Renee Johnson; Mayor CurƟstene McCowan; CAPRA VisitaƟon CommiƩee Chair Gregory Mack; and Parks OperaƟons Coordinator Danny Johnson.

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