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Clarence-Rockland wants to do more than simply recognize the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. Since their October 4 meeting was can- celled due to technical difficulties, Clarence- Rockland council will be voting on October 18 to adopt some of the 94 Calls to Action tabled by the Truth and Reconciliation Com- mittee (TRC). Mayor Mario Zanth wants to show other municipalities “how easy it is” to act on the recommendations. Like many municipalities, Clarence- Rockland voted on September 20 to officially SFDPHOJ[F4FQUFNCFSBT UIF/BUJPOBM Day of Truth and Reconciliation, a new federal statutory day meant to honour the Indigenous children that were victimized by the residential school system. City council members plan to do more than just honour the day. Council will be voting to implement three of the calls to action present in the TRC report. The first is to implement mandatory training of municipal staff and council on Indigenous issues, to promote a deeper understanding of issues and mitigate misunderstandings. 5IFTFDPOEJTUPBEPQUUIF6OJUFE/BUJPOT Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which protects the collective rights that may not be addressed in other human rights charters. Specifically, it guarantees the rights of Indigenous peoples to practice

Le maire Mario Zanth prend la parole lors de la Journée nationale de la vérité et de la réconciliation le 30 septembre à Clarence-Rockland. Le conseil municipal prévoit d’approuver trois des 94 appels à l’action contenus dans le rapport du Comité Vérité et Réconciliation sur les questions autochtones. - photo d’archives

their cultures, customs, religions, and lan- guages, and to develop and strengthen their economies and institutions. The third is to review and revise municipal

bylaws to eliminate any prejudice or racism against Indigenous peoples that may be present. The votes will occur at the October 18

council meeting. Mayor Mario Zanth is proud of the steps his municipality is taking, saying, i8FNBZCFPOFPGUIFPOMZNVOJDJQBMJUJFT to do this.”

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