2018-NOV-HR Case Study-Short


Restructuring for the Long Term (2014–2016) WithWE Day expanding into 15 new regions, and stakeholder relationships and partners to manage in each, we have now become a large, complex organization—and the composition of our staff is much different than when we started. Answering the need for specialized skillsets among our people, we now have highly experienced senior leaders helming our partnerships, marketing and human resources departments. Their insight and commitment have been integral as we moved away from being an organically run organization to one that has innovative, clear and rigorous processes that help to ensure we stay accountable and continue to make maximum impact. As we onboarded seasoned people who needed to balance their professional lives with young families at home, the core teamwho had grown up working for the organization began having families themselves. Always striving to learn and adapt, we realized that we needed to shift the way we operated so employees could meet their family responsibilities as well as their deliverables at work. Late nights and weekend work became the exception rather than the norm. To ensure that we are always doing our utmost to meet staff needs, we introduced anonymous Employee Engagement Surveys in 2015, and continue to conduct the surveys annually.

Milestones D D WE Schools partners with the U.S. College Board, launching the ground-breaking AP with WE Service program, which makes service- learning accessible to 15,000+ high schools, with a notice on AP transcripts for college admission. D D By 2014, 1,000 Maasai women are empowered by working with ME to WE Artisans. D D In 2015, the Kisaruni All-Girls Secondary School, built through the WE Villages program, ranks first out of 112 schools in Kenya’s national exam. D D Continued growth of WE Day with expansion into 15 regions.

Support for employees D D First formal employee engagement survey conducted in 2015—and the organization begins to expand proactive HR measures in response to the results. D D Continued investment in staff compensation; co-ordinators receive a 28 percent pay increase over three years, starting in 2015. D D New staff-care measures address the WE Day team’s very unique working conditions: D D physiotherapist traveling withWE Day team to provide free sessions while on the road; D D snack stations in-venue stocked with healthy food options; D D approved rest days following shows. D D Professional Development fund, for which all staff can apply after one year of employment, offers $500 toward outside training.

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