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MEMORIES OF HALLOWEENS PAST WHEN CANDY MATTERED MOST Some of my fondest memories of Halloween are with my two sons, Ryan even participated a couple times. It’s a great way for the community to come together and enjoy this fun holiday.

OCT 2019

and then heading out the door once the sun set. We always hit the houses that gave full-sized candy bars and wouldn’t come back home until our pillowcases were almost too heavy to carry. This was before there was a time limit on trick-or- treating like there is today. My siblings and I would hit every single house, walking blocks and blocks, and we always had a blast. As a kid, I don’t remember being too concerned about costumes; my focus was mainly on the candy. Similarly, when my own kids went trick-or-treating, they felt very much the same. But as a dad, one of the things I enjoyed most was seeing the costumes my wife made for Ryan and Eric. She was always really creative with them; one year she made one of them into a Tootsie Roll and went all out with decorating it. My kids always looked fantastic when they went out on Halloween night, while my siblings and I never really did the whole dress-up thing. Today, now that my kids are older and grown, my wife and I really enjoy giving out treats to the neighborhood kids who come to our door on Halloween night. –John Reid

and Eric, when they were younger. Every Halloween, my wife and I would get home as early as possible, get the kids ready, and head outside to go trick- or-treating. A lot of our trick-or-treating adventures took place on the “Haunted Trail” set up each year close to where we lived. While its name gives it a spooky vibe, the trail is actually the opposite: a paved walkway in the woods where local businesses set up booths and tables and hand out treats to the kids. Here at Reid & Pederson, we’ve

My kids, as well as most of the kids in the neighborhood, were always excited to walk down the trail and fill up their candy bags. The Haunted Trail was also a good chance for parents to take their younger kids out and not have to worry about traffic. Instead of the little ones running from house to house and across streets, they had this safe but exciting alternative. I remember whenever my wife and I took Ryan and Eric there, we always had a really good time. We mostly met up with a group of other families who lived down our block. Our kids were relatively all the same age, and it was really fun to watch them get together, check out everyone’s costumes, and then set off to hit the trail. Watching how much Ryan and Eric enjoyed trick-or-treating at Halloween reminds me of when I used to go trick-or-treating as a kid. I have a lot of brothers and sisters, and every Halloween, we would go out together. I remember getting ready with my siblings


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