ACHP 2021 Section 3 Report to the President

agency reuse and consolidation in federal historic buildings. The strategies and successes it presents are a direct result of federal agencies identifying their preservation challenges through the Section 3 reporting process and then partnering with the ACHP in exploring solutions. Partnerships have been a highlight of Section 3 reporting since its inception. The 2018 report recognized that partnerships can leverage limited federal resources and provide important benefits to federal agencies in the identification, protection, and use of historic properties. During the last three years, the ACHP has encouraged federal agency partnerships with preservation stakeholders in its approach to major preservation issues identified by federal land- and property-managing agencies in the last reporting cycle. The ACHP’s Digital Information Task Force emphasized data exchange between federal agencies and state, tribal, and local governments in considering how to increase the availability of historic properties’ survey data to project planning. The ACHP’s Leveraging Federal Historic Buildings Working Group closely considered how partnerships between private developers and federal agencies can help ensure the long-term preservation of federally owned historic buildings. Beneficial partnerships between agencies and those who play key roles in the Section 106 review process were highlighted in the 2018 Guidance on Assistance to Consulting Parties in the Section 106 Review Process . The ACHP’s Preservation Trades Training Task Force demonstrated the value of partnerships allowing future skilled craftspeople to learn preservation trades while also contributing to the maintenance of federal historic properties. These efforts remain faithful to the NHPA’s vision of the federal preservation program as a partnership with roles divided between the federal government and state, tribal, and local governments while recognizing that collaboration around shared interests has the potential to amplify the impact of federal agency preservation leadership into communities across the country.

Apollo 11 Flight Director Gene Kranz is surrounded by grand opening participants at the ribbon cutting ceremony including former ACHP Chairman MilfordWayne Donaldson. (NASA Johnson)


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