ACHP 2021 Section 3 Report to the President


NASA Restoration of Mission Control Center Completed Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

In the 2018 Section 3 Report, the ACHP highlighted the ongoing restoration of the Mission Control Center (MCC) National Historic Landmark at Johnson Space Center (JSC).The restoration has recreated the scene back to 1969 down to the last detail–the carpet, wallpaper, and replicated ceiling tiles; the modules in the refurbished original consoles were configured to harken back to the Apollo program. Even original chairs, ash trays, bookcases, and trash cans were either obtained or reproduced.Also restored was theVisitor Viewing Room, which included significant repairs and cleaning to original carpet and the original theater-style chairs.The Simulation Control Room was outfitted with original, nonworking Apollo consoles and hanging monitors, and the “Bat Cave” rear-projection mirror system was re-utilized using modern projectors. The ACHP assisted with the funding of the project by managing the $4 million raised by Space Center Houston and the City ofWebster, Texas. NASA cannot accept public donations that have a targeted purpose, but through provisions in the National Historic Preservation Act, the ACHP has the flexibility to accept donations and designate the funds for specific historic preservation projects.This was the first time this authority had been used to assist an agency preservation project. On June 28, 2019, former ACHP Chairman MilfordWayne Donaldson attended the ribbon- cutting and grand opening ceremony. In July 2019, the project was awarded the ACHP’s Chairman’s Award for Achievement in Historic Preservation. “JSC prioritized historic preservation and recognized not only the historical value of restoring the MCC, but the educational value,” former Vice Chairman Leonard Forsman said. “This is a huge testament to JSC’s commitment to preserving the past to inform the future–a future that offers much promise and hope.”

To see a commemorative video produced for the Chairman’s Award presentation ceremony click the image below.

The restoration included obtaining or reproducing the original chairs, ash trays, bookcases, and trash cans. (NASA Johnson)

Installation of reproduced equipment. (NASA Johnson)


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