ACHP 2021 Section 3 Report to the President


TVA Upgrades and Expands Digital Tools to Improve Historic Property Stewardship


In 2018, the TennesseeValley Authority (TVA) began development of the Cultural Resource Management System (CRMS), which updated the agency’s Integrated Cultural Database (ICD).The ICD served as an inventory management system to record information about TVA projects such as archaeological survey, consultation with Indian tribes, and historic building and structure survey. The CRMS update improved existing features of the ICD and added new features like task automation, file sharing with consulting parties, and a new mobile app. Since 2017,TVA has entered more than 9,000 legacy Section 106 project and cultural resource records into the system.When all legacy records for transmission projects were entered in 2019, the Cultural Compliance group was able to develop a project screening GIS layer.This layer allows project managers to see if their project involves areas previously inventoried for cultural resources and helps them anticipate Section 106 compliance needs.TVA has now completed legacy Section 106 project record entries for eight internal business units.

Norris Dam,TN (TVA)

Current survey and inventory efforts are being integrated into the CRMS, as well. In 2019, TVA initiated a multi-year project to develop a comprehensive inventory of historic buildings and structures on TVA land and adjacent to TVA transmission lines. Included in the project was the development of a GIS layer for the CRMS that will improve Section 106 project reviews for the agency as well as management of the resources. paused last spring. Development is scheduled to restart in 2021, and TVA estimates the system will likely be completed within a year. Legacy records entry will continue for the next three years focusing on data about TVA’s reservoir land, historic architectural resources, historic districts, and landscapes.All legacy records CRMS development was scheduled to be complete by December 2020 but had to be entered into the ICD will be migrated to CRMS. The completed system will help TVA accurately calculate the status of both its archaeological and historic structures inventories for Section 110 reporting purposes.The CRMS will guide TVA’s cultural resources program in its stewardship of the agency’s historic and archaeological resources.

Cumberland Fossil Plant,TN (TVA)


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