ACHP 2021 Section 3 Report to the President

Morgan State University students learn in the classroom at Grand Teton. (ACHP)

who demonstrated strength in adversity in living out their lives on the peninsula.Through the partnership project, the University of Hawaii students explored connections to history and community through a hands-on experience that widens the NHP’s educational impact. Another partnership developed by the ACHP, NPS, and the HOPE Crew aims to introduce students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to preservation-related professions by offering opportunities for them to learn about preservation theory and practice while restoring historic properties on HBCU campuses. In the process, the Preservation in Practice program is raising awareness about the rich historical and cultural legacy of HBCUs and offering students who might not have otherwise chosen preservation-related careers insight into professional opportunities in both the public and private sectors, including fields in which African Americans have been historically underrepresented. Two cohorts of Preservation in Practice students from Morgan State University and Tuskegee University have now visited NPS-managed historic sites and learned from NPS preservation trades professionals at theWestern Center for Historic Preservation in Grand Teton National Park,Wyoming. While at Grand Teton, students have taken part in projects like restoring a historic cabin and participated in learning sessions to connect their architecture and construction engineering studies with maintaining historic places. Preservation in Practice participants receive widened exposure to career paths and contacts in preservation, architecture, and related professions, which stand to benefit from the diverse perspectives they bring to these fields.

Tuskeegee University students work on a preservation project at Grand Teton. (ACHP)

Tuskegee University students learn preservation trades skills at Grand Teton. (ACHP)

Tuskegee University students perform hands-on work at the park. (ACHP)


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