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At a glance the complete Rio Dipladenia collection. Relax, it's Rio!


Our vividly beautiful Rio ® Dipladenia , also known as ‘Rio Mandevilla’, originates from the tropical South-American continent. It naturally exudes an exotic ambiance. Through breeding we have also made it flexible by focusing on the needs of growers retailers and final consumers. Our breeding programme has focused not only on bringing new colours to market but also different types within the range. Next to the standard Rio series we also have Rio Petite, Rio Grande and Rio Elegant. Each series offers unique features that create opportunities to match your production to the needs of your customer, and ultimately, the gardener. The Rio offers so many advantages to growers . Being the earliest series in the market, it can extend the grower’s sales season. This richly-flowered plant is also easy to grow, has good branching, shorter stems, brilliant and elongated leaves, and has good tolerance of low light conditions. So you can be first in the market and deliver your customers healthy plants all season long.

Rio holds advantages for retailers and consumers too. The earliness of the Rio series allows retailers to exploit first sales and continue those sales all season long. This, combined with Point-of-Sale material and a supporting consumer website, make Rio the perfect retailer’s plant. Gardeners will be delighted with how easy it is to care for Rio given its heatproof and drought-tolerant performance. Even in North European conditions Rio gives gardeners a great experience, coping with colder, humid and rainy conditions. Even-though no special care is required, care tips are available for the end consumer via the Rio website.

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The standard that makes Rio a winner

A mid-compact, early flowerer that always wins the hearts of growers, the standard Rio is designed to start sales earlier. Offering easy production, good branching, no vining and shorter stems, Rio works perfectly in 10.5 cm up to 14 cm pots.

Compact plant, good branching for easy production Early flowering to kick-start early sales Ideal for 10.5 cm up to 14 cm pots The grower’s choice Shorter stems Good tolerance of low light conditions

APPLEBLOSSOM A refreshing color

DARK RED Easy to grow

PINK Market leader in this color

DEEP RED Our best seller

RED Large flowers

WHITE Flexible variety from 10 cm to 32 Litres pot


The high-density production bestseller

A showy yet compact series that starts the growing year with a tropical burst, the Rio Petite is ideal for high-density production. It offers no vining, low PGR requirements and the opportunity for quick culture in a short lead time.

Compact plant with low PGR requirements Late plantation – quick culture on short lead times No vining, suitable for high density Very early flowering Ideal for packs or pots up to 10.5 cm

PETITE PINK A real pink

Unique no vining red, 10 cm pot favorite PETITE RED


A climbing Dipladenia that grows beautifully in pots

A vigorous, large-flowered climber that adds volume to any space, the Rio Grande is a tropical statement plant ideal for larger pots. Offering vivid, stable colours in full sun it even produces vines in low light.

Vigorous growth producing large, climbing plants Large flowered with stable colours in full sun Ideal in larger pots (14 cm+ up to 32 liters with 4 plants) Excellent garden performance Produces vines even under low light conditions

GRANDE PINK Steady pink, flexible variety

Long lasting red, the best performer in Europe. Flexible in different pot sizes GRANDE SCARLET

Hottest red GRANDE RED


The beauty that steals hearts everywhere

A highly floriferous, large-flowered beauty with excellent branching, the Rio Elegant delivers exotic charm with a little more vigour than Rio. Offering strong, stable colours all summer long it is ideal for 10.5 cm to 15 cm pots.

Slightly more vigorous than Rio, excellent branching for a fast pot fill Very floriferous with large flowers Strong and stable colours all summer long

Ideal for 10.5 cm to 15 cm pots Excellent garden performance


Extra-large flowers in this group

ELEGANT CORAL PINK Unique bicolor shiny color also suitable for hanging baskets

ELEGANT PINK Performs extremely well outdoor

The red that does not fade ELEGANT VELVET RED


POS materials

Helping a plant stand out at the Point of Sale (POS) is vital to a strong sales performance. We do all we can to help you enhance your product presentation with standard POS materials. These beautifully-designed pots (available in 10.5 cm or other sizes upon request) are offered as standard. They are available at Teku and can be ordered through your regular pot supplier. We can also develop special artwork upon request. The Rio ® labels are available in two sizes.

The stick label is available for all series and the bigger swing label is available for the Rio Grande, Rio Elegant and Rio. We propose you variety and generic Rio labels. You can order them at:

Rio Dipladenia Pots For special artwork requests, please contact your Syngenta Flowers Sales representative.

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Dipladenia Rio is protected by breeders.

Breeding product of Syngenta Seeds B.V.

Rio Dipladenia Poster

Rio Dipladenia Labels

Product Forms

Our full assortment is available in all Product Forms.

YPM - Paperplug



Easy to remove from the tray Faster rooting and establishment High quality young plant

Our economical young plant Regular Product Form Easy to transplant

Our biggest young plant Faster extraction and greater root protection The opportunity to automate your potting operations robotically

25 mm paperpot 125 plants per tray Certified biodegradable plug

18 mm paperpot 100 plants per box Certified biodegradable plug

30 mm plug 128 plants per tray Stacking delivery Production in Europe

Delivered in CC trolley Production in Europe

Delivered in cardbox Direct from Ethiopia

Protection of Rio series: The Rio Dipladenia series is protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR), also known as Plant Variety Rights (PVR). Syngenta Flowers, as the holder of PBR, or PVR, for the Rio Dipladenia has exclusive control of the propagating material for a number of years but also has the right to license the variety to others. The Rio, therefore, can be propagated only with a license.


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