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communautaire community link Le lien The Bourget The 1 st Clarence Scout group will hold a bottle drive April 2, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Scouts will go door to door in Bourget and surrounding villages to pick up bottles to raise funds for their summer camp. Bottles may also be dropped off at the bottle depot in Bourget at 2088 Laval St. Le comité de loisirs de Bourget orga- nise une soirée vins, bières et fromages, le 16 avril à partir de 19 h. Billets en vente à la Pharmacie, à la Banque natio- nale et auHome Hardware de Bourget. Clarence Creek Les Chevaliers de Colomb Conseil 6881 de Clarence Creek organisent un whist militaire, le dimanche 24 avril à 13 h 30, au Centre récréatif de Clarence Creek. Information : Rémi Lalonde, 613-488-2258, ou Conrad Lavictoire, 613-488-2464. Cumberland The Cumberland Farmers’ Market Annual Spring Market, April 2, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Come find us at three loca- tions: 1115 Dunning Rd., 2620 Market St., and 2557 OldMontreal Rd. Informa- tion: www.cumberlandfarmersmarket. ca or 613-833-2635. Curran Le Club de l’Amitié de Curran orga- nise un tournoi de cartes Cribbage le 9 avril dans le local du club à l’arrière de l’église paroissiale à 13 h 30. Réser- vation avant le 6 avril, préférablement par équipe de deux : Pierre-Yves (613) 673-9278 ou Cécile (613) 679-1331. Hammond Le Club Optimiste de Hammond organise un souper de doré suivi d’un whist militaire le 8 avril au Centre com- munautaire de Bourget. 613-487-4197 (souper de doré) et Alison Brownrigg, 613-282-0460 (whist militaire). Rockland Bingo des Filles d’Isabelle Cercle 1210 de Rockland, le 3 avril, à la salle des Chevaliers de Colomb, à 12 h 30. Information : Lina St-Pierre, 613-673- 1411. Le Club Fil d’Argent organise une sortie chez Constantin, à St-Eustache, pour une « Journée sucrée », le mardi 5 avril. Départ à 9 h 30 de l›église Très- Sainte-Trinité. Information : Jeanine Bazinet, 613-446-4814. Wendover Soirée country du Festival Western deWendover, le samedi 9 avril au Centre communautaire Lucien Delorme, à 19 h. Les portes ouvriront à 18 h. Billets disponibles auMarché de la Place, 613- 673-5616, Liette Hotte, 613-673-4465, ou Michel, 613-487-2880.

Jessup’s Falls issue returns to counties council

claims petition. Alfred-Plantagenet TownshipMayor Fer- nand Dicaire then brought up the pending possible appeal by a private citizens group to the OntarioMunicipal Board (OMB) over the provincial government’s decision to allow the aggregate resource description for the Jessup’s Falls Escarpment to remain as part of the Official Plan (OP) for the Prescott-Rus- sell.This was decided contrary to a decision of the UCPR council to remove the desi- gnation out of concern for the fragile karst geological formationwithin the area and the potential impact on the groundwater wells of nearby landowners if the area was ever developed for any light industrial purpose. “The question is of risk,” said Dicaire, ar- guing that the appeal to the OMB should not

just focus on the unique geological feature of the area. “This is a zone which is fragile.” The UCPR decision to remove the aggre- gate resources designation from the escarp- ment area scuttled a local developer’s plan to build an asphalt plant in the escarpment area.The provincial government’s decision to overturn the counties council’s decision reopens the issue of the escarpment’s indus- trial development potential. “It’s unfortunate, but it’s done,” said Dicaire. Mayor Dicaire noted that the counties is responsible for maintenance of County Road 17 which runs past the escarpment and the site proposed for the asphalt plant project. He expressed concern about the UCPR’s responsibility for maintaining the road, with emphasis on winter snow remo- val, to deal with the possibility of regular heavy truck traffic going in and out of the escarpment area if an asphalt plant or other type of development were allowed. Federal budget pleases wardens’ caucus A promise from the Trudeau government formore infrastructure investment, to help municipalities strapped for funds to rebuild aging roads and bridges, is welcome news to the wardens of Eastern Ontario. The Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (EOWC) expressed satisfaction over several details of the 2016 federal budget released earlier in March. Three points of special interest to the EOWC are promises of finan- cial support for municipal infrastructure improvement, affordable housing develop- ment, and “clean” energy projects. “Municipalities, and particularly those in small and rural areas with limited property tax revenues, have long been advocating for much-needed funding to address the aging infrastructures inmany of their com- munities,” stated Peter Emon, EOWC chair- man. “The EOWC recognizes the important investments for the municipal sector that were included in the federal government’s 2016 budget, and looks forward to working together with its partners to grow our local economies and reduce costs to our com- munities.” Emon noted that the 10-year plan for more than $120 billion in new infrastruc- ture projects, will go far beyond just replac- ing old roads and bridges. It will also help municipalities deal with local demands for affordable housing and child care spaces for working families in need of daycare. “There are significant numbers of indi- viduals and families across Eastern Ontario for whom housing is a serious challenge,” Emon stated, referring to the EOWC’s 2014 White Paper on Affordable Housing. “Some- times the barrier is financial, sometimes it is finding accommodation suited to particular special physical needs, and sometimes it is finding any shelter at all. Therefore, the EOWC recognizes the government’s im- mediate commitment to affordable housing, to the tune of $1.5 billion over the next two years, of which $200 million is allocated for seniors’ affordable housing.”


The future for the Jessup’s Falls Escarpment returned oncemore to the counties council table for discussion. Whether or not it will be the last time is unknown. The issue surrounding the future for the area came up following a brief report to counties council during its March 23 session about the current Algonquin land claims issue for Eastern Ontario. Counties staff and representatives on themunicipal land claims committee set up as part of the settlement process have determined that there are no areas in the United Counties of Prescott- Russell (UCPR) which fall under the land




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