McCarthy Catholic College Newsletter T3 Week 2


28 July 2017


Dear Parents and Guardians

The term has commenced with a great energy and pace with a number of renovation projects currently happening at the College. The planning towards this has been well worth it, as we will have a new open plan learning space in the front rooms that can be seen from the street front. We have held many meetings in this space previously with parents and will continue to do so later this year. Parent meetings will be held in this wonderful new room commencing Term 4; so you will no longer need to walk to the back of the school to attend the parent forums. As well as this, the toilet blocks across the school will be completely refitted and renovated, which I’m sure will be a welcome relief for our students who have waited patiently for this upgrade for many years. Once the first initial stage is completed, the builders will continue onto the next part of the school completing all of the student toilets. We are focused on improving all aspects of the school to ensure that we can deliver quality learning and a positive climate in classrooms, the library learning centre and our students playground/sports areas. I have spoken to all year groups upon returning to the college this term about our high expectations in relation to uniform, completion of homework/assessment work and ensuring that they are prepared for each new day of learning. I encourage you to also have these conversations with your child/children so they are taking responsibility for their learning and are setting realistic goals for their future. I would ask that you check your son/daughter’s diary each week on the weekend and sign that it has been checked. Homeroom teachers will be checking to ensure that students are using their diary correctly and it is assisting them in managing their learning well. I am very impressed with Year 7 in particular who have commenced their journey at McCarthy very well and encourage them to maintain this strong work ethic and curiosity for learning in Semester 2. I urge your continued support in ensuring your child is well presented in their uniform and prepared for all learning every day. Attendance at school is critical to future success and achievement. If students are absent from school this affects their opportunity to learn and develop mastery in their literacy and numeracy skills in particular. Our Diocesan goal is attendance for at least 90% which is very achievable. At McCarthy we are issuing perfect attendance certificates each fortnight for students who do not miss any days or do not arrive late to school. We will also recognise those students who have perfect attendance for the term, semester and year. All students in Year 9 need to improve their attendance rate this term as the levels were not at the acceptable level last term for this year group. If your child is absent, please ensure a note is sent explaining this absence on the first day of return. This term will be the last term for Year 12 2017. The Trial HSC commences in Week 3 for these students who will be using this to gain their final feedback from their teachers prior to completing their HSC Examinations. It will be an extremely busy term for our Year 12 students who have maintained a high standard since commencing Stage 6 and we will continue to guide, support and mentor them as they move towards the final part of their Year 12 journey at McCarthy. We are very proud of you and your efforts and hope that you can maintain your positivity and focus as you approach the finish line! Keep up the great work Year 12 students! I would like to congratulate our NEW Class Captains from Year 7 - 10 who are taking on important roles in strengthening our school community spirit. I am delighted that these students have accepted this responsibility and we will formally induct these leaders with a badging ceremony at our next school assembly in Week 7. Parents of the new class captains will be most welcome to attend and an invitation will be extended in the coming weeks.

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