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NEVER A DULL MOMENT Lin and Gil Celebrate 10 Years With October Kitchen

“We moved to Manchester right around the time October Kitchen opened their shop in Blue Duck Plaza. My husband and I happened to stop at a Subway in the same plaza. I saw October Kitchen’s ad and said to Gil, ‘Wow, that would be great for us!’ I am handicapped from a fall I took at work in 2009, so my walking and cooking abilities aren’t so great anymore. After we moved into our new home, we started the October Kitchen service. They are wonderful! So accommodating and so friendly. And the food is so wonderful! We’ve been with October Kitchen for 10 years and have never had a negative experience.”

Before retiring in 2012, Lin Stebbins was a registered nurse working at Travelers Insurance. For years she was the only nurse providing care for all the employees at their

–Lin Stebbins

location. That’s where she met Gil Stebbins, who worked on investments at Travelers. Gil would come down for his allergy shots, and the two quickly fell for each other. Though they did have a few obstacles to overcome. “I was married before and it wasn’t great, so there was no way I was getting married again,” Lin says, “but Gil was very persistent. Finally I turned around and accepted his proposal. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. Gil has made every day of our lives wonderful for me.” Lin and Gil got married in 1978 and have shared a wonderful 42 years of marriage together. They have three daughters and six grandchildren, and there is never a dull moment. In addition to being a registered nurse, Lin used to have a quilt business. On the weekends, she and Gil would go down to Virginia to sell the quilts at antique shows. Due to health issues, Lin and Gil are no longer in the quilt business, but Lin is in the process of finding homes for the remaining quilts. These days, Lin and Gil enjoy attending Bible study classes at First Baptist Church of Manchester. While they aren’t able to go out often, Lin and Gil like to keep busy and spend time together. They enjoy movie nights in front of their big TV, and Lin likes to read, do puzzles on her tables, and work on needlepoint. Lin and Gil have both experienced health problems — Lin with her back and Gil with overcoming a series of strokes — but they’re both still going strong.

“Ordering from October Kitchen helps us since we can eat healthy and don’t have to try to cook lunch or dinner,” says Lin. “I feel good about ordering from October Kitchen because the people are wonderful and they’ll do anything to help you. One Thanksgiving, Gil had to be with his dad, who was recovering from eye surgery, so I was going to be alone. Alison told me not to worry about it, and that someone from October Kitchen would bring the Thanksgiving boxes in and put them in the fridge for me. Who appears at the end of the day with the box? Paul himself! He came in, put the food away, sat and talked for a while and then gave me a big bear hug before he left. It is so nice to know that somebody at the head of the whole deal is willing to go out and bring a meal to you.” October Kitchen was founded with the purpose to nourish people, body and soul. This means delivering tasty, healthy food and being there when folks need us. We’re proud to be there for our community in more ways than one. Thank you, Lin and Gil, for being with us for all these years!

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