Personal Correspondence; 1990-1999


December 31, 1992

Lillian Batchelor 295 LaSalle Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 14215

Dear Lillian :

For someone who was born in our city, raised on its West Side, educated in its schools, and committed to its progress, the decision to run for mayor was not terribly difficult. But the outpouring of support that filled the room during my announcement last Thursday exceeded my greatest expectations. Even more exhilarating was the number of people who have responded to our call for volunteers to assist in the work of the campaign that lies ahead of us. How do I adequately thank you for offering your help? Words hardly seem like enough to express my profound appreciation for your offer to help. To you and the hundreds like you who have volunteered to help our city by helping my campaign, I can only pledge that I'll conduct my campaign and myself in such a way that every person associated with it and every person in the City of Buffalo will feel proud As I said in making my announcement, I've always practiced the politics of inclusion, seeking to draw on the best Buffalo has to offer so as to make Buffalo the best it can be. You have already helped me honor that commitment, even at this early date. Enclosed you will find a questionnaire, designed to gauge the area of interest where we might best channel your talents. Please take a minute to fill it out. As you do, keep in mind that we will be needing a lot of patient and articulate people to help us on the phones. But your effort in any of the interest areas will be tremendously appreciated. We'll tabulate the returns over the holidays and be in touch with some meeting dates in January. Thousands of years ago, Aristotle told his students: "The antidote for fifty enemies is a single friend." Something tells me that before this campaign is through, I'll need every friend like you who has been kind enough and committed enough to add his or her name to the pannership we·re going to bring to bear to tum this city around. In the meantime, enjoy your holidays and may you all be blessed with peace and prosperity and health and happiness. Our work begins in earnest after the holidays.

With kindest holiday wishes, --;– ~ TONY MASIELLO


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