Stanley/Stella - Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Report 2020

It’s a long journey from the cotton field to the final product and at every step of this complex supply chain we aim to ensure the highest level of responsibility. Ultimately, our aim is to have a positive impact on the society, the environment and the economy. Our organic cotton, sourced from India, goes through a number of stages as it moves from the cotton farm to a finished decorated garment to be sold in Europe. We only and exclusively source organic cotton which is certified according to the GOTS standard. THE COTTON JOURNEY FROM FIELD TO FASHION - HOW OUR T-SHIRTS ARE MADE

India - Ginning mill

Bangladesh - Spinning mill: Yarn manufacturing

Cotton lint only represents around 32-35% of the entire cotton ball. The remnants are used as oil and cattle fodder.

The fibres are twisted and spun into yarn. We only use ring-spun, combed yarn.


India - Organic cotton farms

We buy our organic cotton from a selection of smallholder farmers.


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