Stanley/Stella - Sustainability Report 2020


We are an innovative Belgian apparel company producing premiumand sustainable clothing.We believe that premium quality and timeless fits are key for a sustainable slow fashion industry.And,we are totallycommitted toworking in adifferent way and contributing to driving positive change in the textile industry as a whole. From the beginning, our mission has been to create high- quality garments in the most responsible and ethical way. We therefore integrate sustainability into everything we do. Every day we make deliberate, conscious decisions about who we work with, howwe work and what materials we use. Exacting in our standards of production, we insist on respect for the planet and its people throughout our supply chain, in line with the UN. Sustainable Development Goals. Ecological and ethical imperatives ensure that we deliver products season after season, products that our dealers are proud to sell, products that people love towear, products that help our future generations.


Jean Chabert, Founder and CEO Stanley/Stella


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