2020 Annual Report

Fort Worth Police Department 2020 Annual Report


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Message from the Chief

Department Overview

By the Numbers




Crime Control and Prevention District


COVID - 19 Pandemic Response




Community Collaboration

Youth Outreach

Facility and Technology Updates


Message from the Chief

I am pleased to present the Fort Worth Police Department 2020 Annual Report. This report highlights our department ’ s efforts to engage and support the community and summarizes our overall commitment to make Fort Worth one of the safest cities in the nation. While we experienced many challenges in 2020 due to the COVID - 19 pandemic and the civil unrest felt across the nation, I am proud of the positive examples our sworn and civilian staff exemplified this year. Police personnel adjusted and adapted to the changes and challenges and continued to be professional and courteous to the community while continuing their duties to serve and protect. I want to send a special thank you to the community for their support and dedication to the department and the City of Fort Worth. We received numerous donations throughout the year, such as food, water and school supplies, that aided our most vulnerable community members. In 2020, Fort Worth continued to experience a reduction in overall crime, but some crime offenses increased including aggravated assaults and murders. The department evaluates and analyzes crime trends on a daily basis to provide the highest level of service. This report includes information about how we are continuing our mission to reduce crime, details about various initiatives and updates on police programs that are important to the department and the community, but it is only part of an entire story. To see more of what FWPD is doing, visit our website and Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages to see what we are up to on a daily basis. It has been an honor to work with the dedicated and professional staff within the Fort Worth Police Department and serve you each day. While my retirement is on the horizon, I know that FWPD is on the path towards continued excellence. I have seen tremendous growth and change this year, and I am confident that a new Police Chief will continue to lead the department in serving and protecting our community.

Edwin Kraus Chief of Police


Department Overview

Vision FWPD will be a national leader in law enforcement by maintaining a trusted partnership with the community, employing diverse and highly skilled professionals and implementing an innovative policing model focused on community engagement, crime prevention, advanced training, and problem solving. FWPD exists to safeguard the lives and property of those we serve, to reduce the incidence and fear of crime, and to enhance public safety through partnering and building trust with the community. We strive to accomplish our mission by conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards, respecting the sanctity of human life, and preserving the rights and dignity of each individual in our diverse community. Mission Core Values Core values form the framework for our daily work and identify the conduct and character that members of this organization align ourselves with to achieve the mission. The core values of the Fort Worth Police Department form the acronym P.A.N.T.H.E.R.



Department Overview

FWPD Organization The FWPD organization is led by the Chief of Police and consists of the following three bureaus: Patrol, Support, and Finance/Personnel. Each bureau is managed by an Assistant Chief and consists of two or three Commands that include Divisions, Sections, and Units.

FWPD Personnel

5 Deputy Chiefs

6 Commanders

17 Captains

Chief of Police Edwin Kraus

Patrol Bureau

Finance/Personnel Bureau

50 Lieutenants

Support Bureau

197 Sergeants

Assistant Chief Robert Alldredge

Assistant Chief Julie Swearingin

248 Corporals & Detectives

Assistant Chief Charles Ramirez

As of December 31, 2020, the Fort Worth Police Department employed an authorized strength of 1,729 civil service and 512 civilian staff members. The number of authorized civil service positions are separated by rank on the left. In 2020, there were 1.9 sworn personnel for every 1,000 residents in Fort Worth.

1,203 Officers


Department Overview cont.

Neil Noakes Named New Police Chief

Chief Edwin Kraus, a 28 - year veteran of the Fort Worth Police Department, announced his retirement in July 2020. A nationwide search to hire a new chief of police was conducted and six finalists were interviewed after more than 50 candidates applied for the position. Neil Noakes, who has served in the Fort Worth Police Department for more than 20 years, was named police chief by City Manager David Cooke on January 25, 2021. Noakes is an honor graduate of Class 102 of the Fort Worth Police Academy. “ Chief Noakes brings many years of community - based law enforcement experience to the chief ’ s office, and even more important, he brings innovative leadership and a desire for genuine engagement with the residents we serve, ” Cooke said. “ In every position throughout his career, Chief Noakes has focused on community problem -

solving, reducing crime and enhancing justice and equity for all of our residents."

Noakes has a master of science degree in criminal justice and criminology from Texas Christian University and a bachelor degree in criminal justice administration from Tarleton State University. In March 2019, he became deputy chief of the Fort Worth Police Department overseeing North Command in the Patrol Bureau. Other positions with FWPD include commander of the North Patrol Division (2017 - 2019); lieutenant in the Internal Affairs Section (2015 - 2016); sergeant (2012 - 2015); corporal/detective (2008 - 2012); and officer (2000 - 2008).

New Commander in East Patrol Division

Congratulations to Leonard Elgin on his promotion to from Captain to Commander. Commander Elgin was promoted to the position of Commander in July and leads the East Patrol Division. The East Patrol Division is comprised of the George and Henry Districts and stretches from Beach Street to DFW International Airport. Commander Elgin now oversees patrol and community operations.


By The Numbers


Citywide Crime Rate 2016 — 2020

Increase from 2019 62%

Agg. Assault


Overall Crime Rate Decreased 16.2% since 2016

Increase from 2019

2020 Violent Crime Response

Chief Edwin Kraus acknowledged significant increases in homicides and aggravated assaults in 2020 compared to 2019. This upward trend is also occurring in other major and mid - sized cities across the nation. Factors contributing to these increases are thought to include Covid - 19 pandemic dynamics such as stay - at - home orders, increased unemployment, economic downturn, social venues closing, virtual schools, and limited or no after school programs. In the midst of these challenges, the FWPD has employed several efforts to combat the increases. More personnel were assigned to the Homicide Unit to ensure those cases are worked thoroughly and rapidly to reduce the likelihood of retaliatory violence. The Domestic Violence Unit has additional investigators to reduce the opportunity for continuing intimate partner violence. Additionally, specialized units and patrol divisions are partnering with the Real Time Crime Center to monitor cameras and license plate readers in areas of high violent crime, which has resulted in several significant arrests and investigative leads.


8.8% Decrease from 2019


5.8% Decrease from 2019

View detailed crime reports at www.fortworthpd.com/crime - information


By The Numbers cont.

Calls For Service

Sworn to Protect

Total Calls Received

Community Assistance Teams

Homeless Outreach Program Enforcement Team, H.O.P.E FWPD partnered with the FW Fire Department and My Health My Resources (MHMR) of Tarrant County to create H.O.P.E.


2020 Service Calls Responded to = 4,091 .

Crisis Intervention Team The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) includes specially - trained and Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) certified Mental Health Peace Officers. CIT coordinates in - home follow - up visits and works alongside Tarrant County law liaisons.

Non - Emergency (non - 911) Calls

2020 Service Calls Responded to = 4,951 .

Traffic Safety Police officers ensure roads are safe by patrolling and enforcing traffic laws.

390,561 Officers respond to some calls to the non - emergency phone number

2020 Traffic Activity = 34,844 violations and 22,812 citations.

Community Engagement and Training

Calls Officers Responded To

COVID - 19 brought many challenges in how to engage the community as well as receive training. Despite these challenges, FWPD remained engaged in these activities.




Hours of Community - Oriented Training for Officers

Crime Watch Meetings

(Examples include Interacting with Deaf/Hard of Hearing Drivers, Mental Health, Civilian Response to Casualty Care, and Crisis Intervention)

205,676 Self - Initiated Calls


Youth Participated in Police Athletic League (PAL)


Events Attended for Recruitment

View detailed crime reports at www.fortworthpd.com/crime - information


Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD)

The Crime Control and Prevention District provides revenue from a ½ - cent sales tax dedicated to funding programs aimed at reducing and preventing crime in Fort Worth. The district was established in 1995 following high crime rates that occurred in the late 1980s. On July 15, 2021, Fort Worth residents voted to continue the Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD) for ten years. The FY2021 Crime Control and Prevention District programs were re - envisioned to place greater emphasis on prioritizing funding for more community - oriented initiatives. Below are some of the key changes made in FY2021: Created and Expanded Existing Programs • Created a Civilian Community Service Officer Program to answer nonviolent calls for service • Expanded Crisis Intervention Team to two teams of 10 • Increased partner contracts by 15% and Community Based Program competitive funding to $2M Enhanced Enforcement—Decreased budget 6% • Added Central and West Bike Units to CCPD fund • Removed Expanded SWAT Program, Enhanced Criminal Tracking Unit, and Special Response Teams from CCPD fund Neighborhood Crime Prevention—Increased budget 29% • Added Civilian Community Service Officer Program • Added personnel who administer Community Programs • Expanded Crisis Intervention Team partnerships to allow mental health professionals to take the lead on calls when possible • Added Homeless Outreach Program Enforcement (H.O.P.E.) Team to CCPD fund Partners with a Shared Mission—Increased budget 64% • Increased Partners with a Shared Mission to 10% of CCPD fund annually • Increased annual partner program contracts by 15% and add ability to apply for additional funding • Increased amount for competitive Community Based Programs from $250,000 to $2M • Added $50,000 to create academic partnership/committee that will evaluate program effectiveness Recruitment and Training—Increased budget 27% • Added Cadet Program to the CCPD fund • Provided funding to complete recruit classes 147, 148, and 149 and to start class 150 Equipment, Technology, and Infrastructure—Decreased budget 19%

Decreased vehicle program by $3M

• Increased amount for Officer Safety Equipment • Refined schedule for replacing aging Crime Lab equipment

For more CCPD information, visit our website: https://fortworthpd.com/CCPD


CCPD cont.

CCPD FY2020: $88,827,991 Budget by Funding Area

CCPD FY2021: $87,865,005 Budget by Funding Area


CCPD cont.

FY2020 Enhanced Enforcement Highlights

• Mounted Patrol (12 approved positions) - Attended 62 events including Citizens on Patrol recruitment events, worked the convention center when it was being used for COVID - 19, and assisted in protests. • School Resource Officer Program (79 approved positions) - Provides assistance to Crowley ISD, Eagle Mountain/Saginaw ISD, Fort Worth ISD, Lake Worth ISD, Keller ISD, Northwest ISD, and Lena Pope Home. • Special Response Team (50 approved positions) Conducted 508 suppression details. • Special Events Overtime Detail (5 approved positions) Attended 51 events including at Alliance Air Show, TCU home games, and National Rodeo. • Expanded S.W.A.T. (8 approved positions) - Responded to 37 emergency call - back operations. • Strategic Operations Fund - Enables officers to implement details based on crime trends. • Stockyard Overtime Detail - Provided additional patrol on weekends within the Stockyards. • Park Community Policing - Assisted in offenses at parks and community facilities.

Mounted Patrol

School Resource Officer

FY2020 Neighborhood Crime Prevention Highlights

• Neighborhood Police Officers (97 approved positions) Attended more than 3,800 neighborhood association/community meetings. • Code Blue (14 approved positions) - Active number of patrollers: 205 as of 12/31/2020. • Crime Prevention Unit (6 approved positions) - Held 130 residential and 67 business crime watch meetings.

• Patrol Support - Provided support operations for patrol divisions. • Police Storefronts - Provided enhanced police presence at eight storefronts. • Gang Graffiti Abatement (6 approved positions) - Abated 6,431 sites. If you need assistance in removing graffiti from your property, contact the Graffiti Abatement Program, at 817 - 392 - 2700.

NPO Ward reads to kids at Chick - fil - A

Sedona Village Neighborhood Crime Watch


CCPD cont.

FY2020 Partners with a Shared Mission Highlights

• After School Programs - Programs held at Fort Worth ISD, Crowley ISD, Keller ISD, and White Settlement ISD. • Safe Haven Youth Program - United Community Center assisted 147 participants and Boys and Girls Club assisted 526 participants. • FW@6 Late Night Program - 14,340 participants attended life skill enhancement, recreation, and organized sports programs.

• Crime Prevention Agency Partnership - Call Center received 7,849 tips. • Safe City Advocacy Program —Safe City Commission had 2,850 FWISD middle and high school students who received information about Campus Crime Stoppers Friends for Life program. • Community Based Programs - Funds awarded to Cheryl ’ s Voice, Girls Embracing Mothers, Inc., Lena Pope Home, Inc. JPS Foundation—Stop the Cycle of Violence in Fort Worth, NewDay Service for Children & Families

• Comin ’ Up Gang Intervention - Assisted 533 participants.

• Family Advocacy Program - Social media outreach had 225,230 content views.

Click here for details about each program. https://police.fortworthtexas.gov/CCPD/community - based - programs

Comin ’ Up Gang Program

Robotics Club

FY2020 Equipment, Technology, and Infrastructure Highlights

• High Mileage Vehicle Replacement - Delivered 188 marked vehicles. • DNA Crime Lab Support (4 approved positions) - Processed 450 DNA samples. • Motorcycle Replacement - Ordered 14 motorcycles, replaced 7.

• Police Officer Equipment - Issued 132 body cameras (CCPD portion). • Digital Cameras for Vehicle Replacement - Installed 169 in - car video systems. • Technology Infrastructure (1 approved position) Researched 32 new technological advancements.

FY2020 Recruitment and Training Highlights

• Recruit Officer Training - 340 recruits began training.

• New Officer Recruitment - 1,200 qualified candidates took the Civil Service Exam.

• Expanded Training Staff (2 approved positions) - Expanded Training Staff trained 2,655 officers. (Note: total includes officers who took more than one class)



Black Lives Matter Protests In the middle of the Covid - 19 pandemic, thousands of miles away in Min- neapolis, Minnesota, George Floyd was killed by a police officer, igniting protests across the country. In Fort Worth, demonstrators of all races, ages, and backgrounds marched demanding justice, not only for Mr. Floyd but for others around the country who may fall victim to police brutality. At one point during a march, Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus and Assistant Chief Julie Swearingin met and prayed with the protesters. While the protesting did continue, most of the groups began attending

Source: Star - Telegram

regular meetings with the City to discuss what has been done so far and what needs to be done moving for- ward. Some of the groups included Black Lives Matter Fort Worth, FW4Change, Black Love Fort Worth, Enough is Enough, United My Justice, and United Fort Worth. Recent changes within the City of Fort Worth include establishing a community oversight board, re - envisioning the Crime Control and Prevention Dis- trict (CCPD) funding allocations, and re - starting the cadet program.

Grants and Awards

Morris Foundation Grant

On September 22, the Fort Worth Police Department received a grant from The Morris Foundation with support provided by My Health My Resources of Tarrant County. With this grant, every Fort Worth Police Officer will receive training that will assist them during interactions with people experiencing a mental health crisis. The training began and currently 75 officers have received the training so far.

Crime Lab Award

The FWPD Crime Laboratory and Digital Forensic Laboratory received the 2020 Foresight Maximus award. The Foresight Maximus award program is a business - guided, self - evaluation of forensic science laboratories, including laboratories across North America and Europe. The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) Foresight Maximus award recognizes the top performing forensic laboratories across the world. ASCLD recognized 14 forensic laboratories as Foresight Maximus recipients. FWPD is the only police department with multiple laboratory recognitions.


Operations cont.

Use of Force Training is a mandatory training class for all FWPD officers. In September, the department provided Use Of Force Analysis and Review Training to supervisors and Use of Force Reporting to officers. The Fort Worth Police Department is committed to protecting citizens, their rights, and property while ensuring public safety. Use of Force Training

FWPD Cold Case Arrest

On September 22, the Fort Worth Police Department and Homicide Detectives announced they made an arrest in the 1974 murder case of Carla Walker. Due to technology advancements, detectives were able to secure DNA evidence that led to the arrest of the suspect.


Recruit Class 147 and 148 Graduation

Congratulations to the graduates of Recruit Class 147 and 148 for a job well done. On April 24, Recruit Class 147 graduated from the FWPD Academy, putting 38 new officers on the streets of Fort Worth and on December 11, Recruit Class 148 graduated from the FWPD Academy, putting 24 new officers on the streets of Fort Worth. The recruits were assigned to patrol divisions to begin phase one of their field training.

Recruit Class #148

Recruit Class #147


2020 COVID - 19 Pandemic Response

On March 13, 2020, Mayor Betsy Price declared a State of Emergency in Fort Worth in response to the COVID - 19 pandemic. The City of Fort Worth has been working with partners at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the State of Texas, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, and Tarrant County Public Health. The Fort Worth Police Department continues to serve the citizens of Fort Worth throughout the pandemic. Officers are on duty 24/7. Policing is an essential function and answering calls for service and solving crimes has not stopped. For more information on COVID - 19, visit the following City of Fort Worth website.

https://fortworthtexas.gov/COVID - 19/

COVID - 19 Pandemic Outreach and Department Response The Fort Worth Police Department has been working alongside City and public health officials as well as local community organizations to ensure the safety of Fort Worth residents. Keeping our officers safe while working with the community remains a top priority during the COVID - 19 pandemic. During this time, FWPD has redirected some services to ensure safety is the top priority in all interactions with the community. Changes within the department include Tactical Investigations teams staffing the homeless shelter and testing centers, Pandemic Response Team educating residents about the dangers of COVID - 19, officers assigned to the Communications Division and Data Reporting Unit to answer an increased number of calls for service, the H.O.P.E Team providing resources to the homeless and mentally ill populations, and Neighborhood Police Officers continuing to perform their duties in the community.


COVID - 19 Pandemic Volunteers and Donations COVID - 19 cont.

• PPE from the Korean Consular Office

The Fort Worth Police Department wants to thank all volunteers and those that have donated items to the department during the COVID - 19 pandemic. Thanks to you, the department has been able to continue to serve the Fort Worth community safely. We appreciate your support of the department during this time. Donations included:

• Water from BNSF Railway

Ring donated over 850 masks

• Daughter ’ s of the American Revolution donated over 5,000 masks • Richard Wallings and Gas Monkey Garage donated 21 pallets of drinks

Cleaning services by the Maid Brigade

• Huong Dao Buddhist Temple mask donations

• Hand Cleanser from Tito ’ s Handmade Vodka

• TCU Athletics donates Gatorade

Over 1,600 masks from Axon

• Darius Fowler

FWPD CAPA Bless the Officer Project

Thank You!

and Home Depot PPE donation • Hint donated 300 flavored waters

• Local community churches donations of bottles of water and hand sanitizer

Our work would not be possible without Fort Worth ’ s community of dedicated donors.

• ReStore Habitat for Humanity donated 960 masks

Coca - Cola sparkling water donation

COVID - 19 Pandemic Community Events

Cooks Children Parade

Community Parade at Village Creek

Mobile Food Pantry at Bob Bolen

Birthday Brigade

Healthcare Parade

Canala Furniture Food and Backpack Event

Frontline Hero Parade


Community Collaboration

Citizens Police Academy Graduation The Fort Worth Police Department hosted an online Citizens Police Academy (CPA), a twelve - week class where participants attended weekly three - hour trainings from police officers and investigators who present and explain their roles within the City of Fort Worth and the Police Department. The goal of the CPA is to provide information and to establish long - term relationships with the citizens of Fort Worth. In October, 23 participants graduated. To find out how to get involved click here.

FWPD Clergy and Police Alliance & Ministers Against Crime Graduation

FWPD Clergy and Police Alliance (CAPA) & Ministers Against Crime (MAC) Class of 2020 graduated in January. The Clergy and Police Alliance program (C.A.P.A.) is a coalition of pastors who work in partnership with the police department to serve the citizens of Fort Worth. CAPA members attend monthly meetings, ride along with police officers, and are called in to help citizens in crisis. Ministers Against Crime (MAC) assist police in non - traditional roles, provide calm in crisis situations to prevent an escalation to violence, and assist in domestic situations where a minister is requested or needed. To learn more on volunteer opportunities visit:

https://police.fortworthtexas.gov/Get - Involved/

Community Forums

The Fort Worth Police Department hosted two community forums in 2020. The Beyond the Badge Forum was hosted on January 21, at the Como Community Center. Chief Kraus hosted the open discussion and covered multiple community and police topics. On January 29, the Northside Community Forum was held at Artes de la Rosa Cultural Center for the Arts where the community had the opportunity to meet police command staff, Neighborhood Police Officers, and share ideas about their community and neighborhood.


Community Collaboration cont.

NPO Community Events Neighborhood Police Officers (NPO) partnered with neighborhood associations and community groups to provide services and community support this quarter. NPO community events included joining Atmos Energy Wedgewood Association in providing school supplies to Bruce Shulkey Elementary, assisting with installing air conditioners in South Division homes, and assisted Citizens on Patrol volunteers in providing free groceries donated by Aerospace Optimist Club to over 100 families.

NPOs Help Install Air Conditioners

On June 25, Neighborhood Police Officers (NPO) joined the Fort Worth Fire Department and Tarrant County Sheriff ’ s Office to install air conditioners inside local resident ’ s homes in east Fort Worth. It is a pleasure and honor to assist members of our community.

Mobile Food Pantry at Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex

On October 31, the Fort Worth Police Department in partnership with the Tarrant Area Food Bank hosted a mobile food pantry at the Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex. Attendees were able to drive through the parking lot and receive food items. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make this event a success.


Community Collaboration cont.

Neighborhood Crime Watch Gathering North Division Neighborhood Police Officers (NPO) Lawson and Ward along with NPO Sgt. Pruitt enjoyed good food and excellent conversation with the Sedona Village Neighborhood Crime Watch (NCW) Block Captains. Thank you Sedona Village NCW Block Captains for your willingness to help keep your part of Fort Worth a safer area for all. To get involved in your local Crime Watch Group click on the link below: CRIME WATCH

The North Division Coffee with a Cop event provided excellent quality time spent between residents and officers while enjoying a cup of joe. Goody bags were distributed to youth that participated. Coffee with a Cop

Community Events—FWPD Holiday Donations

True Love Sanctuary Turkey Giveaway, Central Division

Meador Dodge Bike Donation, South Division

Metro Cavile Christmas Stocking, Central Division

Cops 4 Kids Target Gift Purchases, East Division

Metro Carter Park Christmas Stocking, Central Div.

METRO FWPD Community Turkey Giveaway, Central Division


Youth Outreach

FWPD Explorer Program Activities Fort Worth Police Department Explorers partnered with the Park and Recreation Department ’ s Graffiti Abatement Program for their annual graffiti cleanup community service activity. During this event, the Explorers were also interviewed by ABC ’ s Good Morning America to discuss the Explorer program and the benefits of being a member of the program.

Explorer Competition

FWPD Explorers participated in the Metroplex Challenge Explorer Competition on January 25, hosted by Grand Prairie PD. This was the first time the FWPD Explorers participated in the Metroplex Challenge and it was a great success. The FWPD Explorers placed 1st in Arrest Search & Seizure, Burglary, Felony Traffic Stops, Suicidal/Mental Persons, and Unknown Call for Police and placed 2nd in Active Shooter. Congratulations! Community Backpack Giveaway To prepare for the new school year, FWPD officers partnered with multiple agencies to provide backpacks to Fort Worth Students. Thank you to Telemundo, Canales Furniture, and Atmos Energy for making the multiple day backpack giveaway a big success. FWPD Cadet Program Twenty Cadets were hired in 2020 as part of a reinstated Cadet Program. The cadets were assigned to different areas of the department in order to familiarize them with the police department and with the role of not just the police officers but the other civilian support staff as well. The department ’ s hope is that they will want to transition into a permanent full - time position to make this a career.


Facility and Technology Updates

14 Designated Age - Friendly & Dementia - Friendly Police Facilities

The Fort Worth Police Department is pleased to announce that 14 police facilities earned certification as Age - Friendly & Dementia - Friendly Businesses. A list of the facilities are included in the link provided.

About the designation The Age - Friendly &

Dementia - Friendly business designation signifies that the employees of the Fort Worth

Police Department understand the importance of providing safe and friendly environments for elderly visitors and those living with dementia. The proactive steps address the unprecedented growth of the population aged 50 years or older. Dallas - Fort Worth ’ s 50 and over population is expected to increase from 2.3 million in 2018 to 5.5 million in 2050. At this time, one in nine people aged 65 or older and one in three people aged 85 or older live with dementia in the United States. And this number is increasing. The Fort Worth Police Department is planning for the future needs of our aging population and is committed to improving awareness, training and education about dementia and how our employees can best serve our community.

K - 9 Obstacle Course Completed After years of planning, the K - 9 obstacle training course was completed in 2020. the course includes six obstacles, lights, and water. The fenced course is located next to the bronze K9 statue honoring all of our fallen K9s located at the Bob Bolen Safety Complex.

Ryanwood Neighborhood Storefront Grand Opening On February 20, the Ryanwood Neighborhood Storefront held its grand opening. The storefront is located at 6717 Meadowbrook Dr. The grand opening was attended by East Division ’ s Commander Weathers, Neighborhood Police Officers, and Code Blue volunteers.


Facility and Technology Updates cont.

Flock Safety License Plate Reader (LPR) cameras

FWPD is currently working with neighborhood associations to imple- ment the Flock Safety License Plate Reader camera systems to improve neighborhood safety. There are currently 94 Flock cameras across the city, 29 of which are privately funded by six home owner associations and one apartment complex in the Las Vegas Trail Area and more are coming soon to the Rosemont and Como neighborhoods. More infor- mation can be found at:


Second Scan Station Purchased A second scan station for the Crime Scene Unit was purchased in 2020. The state - of - the - art scan station captures images and measurements of a crime scene.

Text 911 Now Available

The Tarrant County 9 - 1 - 1 District launched text to 911 in November 2020. Tarrant County residents can use the service to request first - responder assistance. The Tarrant County 9 - 1 - 1 District suggests to include a message about the emergency and the location in the text. Photos, video, or audio clips will not be accepted. To learn more contact Tarrant County 9 - 1 - 1 District at 817 - 334 - 0911.



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