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What I’mThankful For

The Hernandez Thanksgiving

Well, Thanksgiving is finally approaching. It’s one of my favorite holidays — and not just because of the feast. Thanksgiving is one of those rare occasions where you get to sit back and remind yourself of what you have to be grateful for. Sitting here reflecting, part of me wants to say that I’m simply grateful to get through 2019! But, in all seriousness, I’m reminded how incredibly lucky I am for my family. I always feel grateful for the loved ones in my life, but this time of year really puts a fine point on it. There’s just something about coming together around the dinner table that reminds me of the things I often take for granted. It’s a milestone where I notice how much my kids have grown (the days of the “kids’ table” are far behind us), how much I appreciate seeing my own mother and father, and how lucky I am to have built this family with my wife. On top of these sentiments, Thanksgiving is a great reminder of just how lucky I am to have some great chefs in the family. We have all the classic staples of the feast: stuffing, cranberry sauce, and delicious yams that may as well be dessert. But my wife also adds her own signature spin to the main course. She makes this amazing picante chicken that simmers in a crockpot overnight. When it’s ready, it’s soft, juicy, and very spicy! It’s a step up from plain Turkey in my book. And I can’t talk about Thanksgiving food without mentioning my mother. Most years she brings a fantastic broccoli, cheese, and rice mix that never

survives the meal to become leftovers. Maybe I can convince her to bring it in to the office one of these days ... Of course, gatherings like this are also a reminder of holidays past, and those we are no longer able to spend time with. It’s impossible not to cast my mind back to the Thanksgivings of my childhood — of everyone gathering at my grandmother and grandfather’s house in Port Lavaca. I remember running around with the football in the yard before everyone went inside to feast and root on the Cowboys. Those were some good days, and, while I

miss those members of our family who have passed on, I’ll always be thankful for these memories.

Just like family, traditions are meant to grow and change with time. You may not eat the same food, or play the same games, or sit down with the same people year after year — but what doesn’t change is the love and gratitude you feel toward them.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

–Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

“Thanksgiving is a great reminder of just how lucky I am to have some great chefs in the family. ”

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