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A decades-old dream of piping water

from the St. Lawrence River to water-

starved communities inGlengarry is a step

closer to becoming a reality.

Engineering work can begin on the

proposed $52 million project thanks to a

$2.85millionprovincial grant announcedby

Jean Marc Lalonde, M.P.P. for Glengarry-


Thewater would be pumped north from

Cornwall’s water works to Martintown,


also benefit the village of Maxville which,

likeAlexandria, has struggledforyearswith

water problems.

“It’s no longer a pipe dream,” saidNorth


conference at IslandPark inAlexandria, just

metres fromMill Pond fromwhich the town

now draws its water.

The announcement is “great news for

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of Maxville,” he said.

“I never thought we would succeed,”

said Lalonde of the unprecedented funding

request. “But todaywe havemoney to carry

on the work.”

Itwas the c-operationofmunicipalities in

the region, including the city of Cornwall,

which made the grant a reality, he said.

“We’reworkingas a teammore thanever

Photo Greg Kielec

and that is thewaywewill succeed,” he said

Grant Crack

at a municipal hall filled with local

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project is finally initiated. His term finishes


October 30andhehas announcedhewill not

He also said a comprehensive report

run again in this fall’s election.

prepared by the municipality made it easy

But he still plans to help local

for the government to approve the

municipalitieswhateverwayhecan. “Idon’t

municipality’s request for 90 per cent

want to become a lobbyist but I want to help

funding, apercentage rarelyagreeduponby

municipalities,” he told a crowd comprised

the province.

largely of municipal officials.

Lalonde may not be in office when the

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Province transfers bus money




has been awarded $252,364 and Russell will receive $130,311.

The funds will helpmake public transit in the regionmore convenient, accessible and

comfortable for commuters by providing funding for public transit improvements, the

province says.

“Provincial support is paying off for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, allowing these

municipalities tomake significant transit improvements for local residents andvisitors,”

said Glengarry-Prescott-Russell M.P.P. Jean-Marc Lalonde.

Through this investment Ontario is helpingmunicipalities expand and improve their

public transit systems.


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