Letter to The Editor: Paper reinforced cynicism

The Editor,

emulation of the programme airline

Canadianswerenot gunowners andwere in

quoted. What about people like me? What

This letter is in response to your

companies haveestablished whensomeone

favour of “doing something” in reaction to

will theirreactionbemonthsfromnowwhen

editorial in the May 13, 2011 edition of the

buys a ticket.

Montréal’s worst massacre.

someonesolicits theirassistanceas potential

Tribune Express.

The fact that the minority Conservatives

No one bothered to point out that 15


Iwouldalso like to refer to the cover story

were foundguiltyof contempt ofParliament

years earlier, in 1972, the Blue Bird Club fire

Again I feel a wave of cynicismbreaking

concerning the Hawkesbury Food Bank.

is a reality that even Mr. Pierre Lemieux,

bombing took more than twice the number

at my feet.

I havebeen followingyour columns for

flashing his ever-present optimistic smile,

of lives and thereforewas aworsemassacre.

There were little bits and pieces in your

quite a while and I understand that sarcasm

cannot deny.

If there is a monument to Blue Bird victims

editorial which clearly illustrate how the

and a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour help to

However, old cynics likemyself find that

I am not aware of it. If there is an annual


get across one’s point and alleviate some of

thewhole exercisewas amerepolitical ploy.

commemoration it is poorly advertised.

andentrench itself inour societyasa“given”

the more dreary aspects that reality,

As you wrote, “That is the way democracy

No, the Gun Registration issue is here to

with very little pondering about its

especially the kind that is political, may


staybecause itwasmanufacturedbyvarious



The other parties knew they had the

lobby groups who were agenda driven and

For example, at the current time it is

However, all that the Tribune Express

numbers and thought they had nothing to


almost impossible to think, let alone state,

edition of May 13 did was to reinforce my


women in order to further their goals.

that food banks are not a social necessity.

cynicism. At least this edition of your paper

The gamble worked well for Mr. Layton.

If the Conservatives change the

If someonewere to run out of thewelfare

finally caused me to take pen in hand

Ultimately the Canadian public was the

legislation a subsequent government of

funds to which they were entitled and had

(virtually) and communicate with you.

judge and the results of the election can be

different political stripes may reinstate it.

no food,we think, “Well, they canalways go

In the case of occurrences such as the

statistically analyzed for an eon but the

Like the Food Bank, Gun Control has

to the Food Bank.”

FoodBankDebacle, thenewspaper is simply


assumed an existence of its own.

We donot pause and reflect on the nature

a messenger. Editorials, on the other hand,

Conservatives were given a majority.

The fact that the premise of gun

of the Food Bank, how it is funded etc. etc.

are close and personal.

No, sir, I am not a member of the

registration isunjust because it assumes that

The same can be said about some of the

The three parties involved in the Food

Conservative Party although at one time or

every gun owner may be a potential danger

things you touch on in your editorial.

Bank dispute seem to have forgotten that

another I have been a member of all the


The paragraph “So we now live...lies

out there one more important stakeholder

major political parties in Canada.

out, “toblend in,wehadbetter get ourselves

about climate change”, is an excellent

group is watching. “Le président de la

Having reached the ripe age of 65 I have

some guns.”


banquealimentaire” isunhappybecausehis

nomore illusions as to the nature of politics.

Well, I do not have a gun and I do not

Does anyone ever go back in time and

clientele is increasing and he feels that some

I admit that I have become a political

know if I ever will get one.

find out how the Gun Control issue arose?

of these clients are abusing the service.


But I do knowwhen something is not just

Did the then ruling Liberals see a golden

The salaried social services providers

I vote for the party which I perceive to be

and basically part of the politically correct

political hay making opportunity after the


most advantageous for me at a given time. I


Montréal Massacre and react accordingly?

poverty and a couple of FoodBankusers are

follow the examples of people like Mr. Bob

As far as “lies about climate change” are

The polls were quite clear. Most

Rae, the new interim leader of the federal

concerned, one can hardly blame thosewho

Liberals or Mr. Jean Charest, the Liberal

are somewhat skeptical.


Premier of Québec.

Do you remember how a great number

Their former political allegiance, NDP

of farmers were supposed to grow corn to


make ethanol and save our planet?

tohaveanybearingon their “career”moves.


I was also not that surprised by how

and wind turbines? Or how about the cows

quickly Mr. Ignatieff found an academic

which were supposed to be major polluters

job. Is it possible that he had a fall-back

of the atmosphere by virtue of the gas they

position all along?

emitted during digestion? Perhaps we can

There I go again being cynical.

establish a voluntary carbonoffset donation

at the check-out counters of food stores in



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