2021 Funding Opportunities (Foundation)

Strategic Initiatives Strategic Initiatives enable us to make a community investment on a larger and more impactful scale to advance health equity. We are seeking “big ideas” that are transformational, innovative and catalysts for systemic improvements in health outcomes. Successfully funded past proposals have been on a larger scale than our typical program grants. One grant awarded up to $200,000 .

The goal is to provide more flexibility for our grant partner to implement a longer-term project and evaluate impact. A strategic grant may be awarded over the course of two or even three years.

Proposals should address one of the following focus areas: » Community outreach to increase pediatric immunization rates. » Mental and/or chemical health needs for youth (ages 12-19). » Mental health needs due to historical trauma and racism.

In order to be eligible, organizations must: » Have received a Medica Foundation Behavioral Health, Early Childhood Health or Strategic grant in the last five years. » Be in good standing with a successfully completed grant. » Have an organization budget with revenue of at least $1 million. » Be located and operate in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota or western Wisconsin.

If you wish to submit an application for a Strategic Initiative, we ask that you first contact Gina DiMaggio, Program Manager, to discuss your proposal, confirm eligibility and request a link to the application form.

HOW TO APPLY Submitting an Initial Application Visit our website at medicafoundation.org to learn about the Medica Foundation and to access our online grant applications. Detailed instructions on this process are located on our website. Application Assistance We ask that you read this document and listen to the webinar prior to contacting us. If you still have questions or need assistance, contact Medica Foundation staff via phone or email. We provide assistance in the form of a phone meeting or email conversation. Your proposal will not be helped or hindered in the scoring process for having a pre-submission discussion.


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