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& YOU 2019. Sometimes the best way to know where we are going is to look where we have been. History does seem to repeat itself and even on the individual level we can look at our past and get an idea of what our future will be. Less than positive habits die hard in the hustle of handling life where one is just trying to make it through another week let alone change some habit that has worn out its welcome. 2019 is just around the corner and yes all the advertisement on TV, magazines and internet will, for the next two months, be to entice one to eat, consume and be merry. Then on January 1st, we will get hit with the diet, diet, buy it message with this weight loss plan and that piece of equipment. It is a yo yo world and somehow these corporate board rooms must think they have us on the end of puppet strings, like a puppet with nothing between us and them except strings of commercials to do as I say and not as I do. The focus of so much of our advertising media when the New Year hits is promoting discontent with our bodies and trying to get us to take action right after our over consumptive hangover from the holidays. We hardly get a chance to catch our breath before the switch is turned on and motivation by guilt is ramped up 24-7 for the month of January. The whole two to three month cycle is a bit insane and many fall into this trap of reactionary habit change.

A Letter from the Full Potential Staff

is at fault here, having a goal to lose weight or to finally handle that chronic back pain problem are worthy desires. The issue is really more in the mechanics of this process of changing habits and improving one’s direction. There is a more sane way to look at weight loss, improving our ability to control a back problem or creating a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss and poor health habits really require a well thought out strategy to succeed. Often exercises are begun without a good understanding how ready the body is to start a training regime. Training regimes often require repetitive exercises like walking, lunging , running or elliptical which if the body is not in an efficient mechanical state can cause an overuse injury to the hip, knee or ankle areas or aggravate an old lower back condition. One of the more popular actions today is the boot camp concept of exercise and body transformation which can put a whole new stress pattern on joints unfamiliar these demands. Often those reaching for a life style change are in the 40-60 year age range and their bodies have been experiencing poor lifestyle habits for some time. Those who are prescribing exercises for this age group really need to be aware of what the body’s priorities are at these points in time. (continued inside...)

I heard this definition of insanity once and it really did not make sense at first but as I ponder its application it has some validity – insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. It is not the act of trying that



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