Nilkamal Solution For Ice Cream Industry


Hygienic food grade industrial HDPE material. Light-weight easy-to-wash & clean, rust free & 100% maintenance free. Best for material handling in cold storage Ideal for storage & transportation of soft items like milk pouches Optimum utilisation of space during storage &transportation due to stackability Milk crates designed as per ISI certifications. HIGHLIGHTS :

Suitable for 24 Pouches of 1/2 Ltr or 12 Pouches of 1 Ltr

MODEL : CH4737175 (with partition)

MODEL : CH4737168 (with partition)

MODEL : JBC4737143 (specially to carry curd pouches)

O.D. 471 (L) X 378 (B) X 175 (H) mm. approx. I. D. 427 (L) X 335 (B) X 162 (H) mm. approx. Capacity : 12 Litres

O.D. 471 (L) X 378 (B) X 168 (H) mm. approx. I. D. 427 (L) X 335 (B) X 155 (H) mm. approx. Capacity : 12 Litres

O.D. 470 (L) X 375 (B) X 144 (H) mm. approx. I. D. 437 (L) X 337 (B) X 132 (H) mm. approx. Capacity : 10 Litres


Nilkamal’s rotationally moulded hygienic milk cans have proven successful with dairy farmers for their superior design characteristics and handling ability.

Handles are solid and much stronger, round and smooth for easy gripping

Mouth Opening Diameter : 200 mm. Double layered with white inside

Minimum bottom groove for easier & faster cleaning Smooth mouth for easy cleaning &hence does not allow dust to settle

MODEL : RMILKCANDL20 O.D. : 300 (Diameter) x 425 (H) MM

MODEL : RMILKCANDL40 MODEL : RMILKCANDL50 O.D. : 350 (Diameter) x 627 (H) MM O.D. : 355 (Diameter) x 715 (H) MM

Slots in lid facilitate sealing arrangement through a thread / rope woven through the slots and handles of the can. Lid can also be tied to the can handle in the same way to prevent its misplacement. Extra Rib for stacking Stackable due to matching ribs on lid and bottom Stronger bottom due to special rib- on - rib design. It has a ridge for easy gripping while emptying the can. 1 2 3 4

Abbreviations : CH : Closed with Handle O.D. : Outside Dimensions I.D. : Inside Dimensions R : Roto Moulded (All dimensions & capacities are approximate)

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