Nilkamal Solution For Ice Cream Industry


We have the best solutions for your storage needs, whether it be a shelving/racking for the maintenance department or advanced storage bays for the finished goods storage and movement.


• Cost effective installation • Easy to mount bolt together assembly • Panels can be easily re-adjusted on a 25 mm pitch • Extension bays can be added whenever required • Increased load capacity due to comer plates •Also ideal as storage for archives • Very good overview due to clear product presentation • Direct access to all stored items • Can be integrated to almost any storage environment


• Customized features as per requirements • Beam positioning adjustable in 50 mm increments allowing optimum adaptation to the height of loaded pallets and containers • Bolted frames mean lower repair costs if damaged by slacker cranes or trucks • Fast and boltless assembly of basic components • High corrosion resistance by galvanizing or epoxy coating • Long and short side pellet handing as well as multi or angle position storage • Broad range of accessories and safety equipment • All racking components comply with the latest safety regutations in Germany

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