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“Green” business expands into global market

The biggest market for the mats is the agriculture sector where they are used in barns and stalls to provide comfortable cushioned support for cattle and other livestock rather than forcing the animals to stand on hard concrete floors. The mats are also easy to wash down and clean. The Moose Creek facility is supplied with tires from recycling dealerships all over Ontario. At the full operating capacity, the site will process more than 2.5 million tires a year, providing close to four dozen direct jobs round-the-clock seven days a week. During a later interview Pierre Savary, An- imat marketing vice-president, noted that three-quarters of the Moose Creek mats will end up in the U.S., with most of them sold through farm supply dealers. But they will also make their way into the average consumer household market through franchises like Home Depot and Loews which sell them for use as “bed cov- ers” for pickup trucks and as ordinary floor mats for house basements, workshops, and other places. “The motto in the U.S. is‘Everybody needs one mat,’” said Savary, smiling. Ontario Labour Minister Yasir Naqvi was one of several government dignitaries at- tending the official opening ceremony who praised Laflèche for his visionary business sense. “This is the future of manufacturing in On- tario,” Naqvi said. “These high-end projects, this is how we compete on a global level by having these value-added products.”

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MOOSE CREEK | André Laflèche is very pleased. The founder and former owner of Laflèche Environmental Services is scor- ing a big success with his newest venture into the realm of eco-friendly industries. “We’re in the right place,” Laflèche said, during the Nov. 22 official opening ceremo- ny for the expansion of Moose Creek Tire Recycling (MCTR) Laflèche is MCTR’s president of Moose Creek Tire Recycling, a new venture since selling out his interest in his very successful Laflèche Environmental Services (LES). Lo- cated just down the road from LES, Moose Creek Tire Recycling began as a tire col- lection and shredding operation but now Laflèche took pleasure in announcing the successful completion of a large-scale ex- pansion of the facility into the field of sup- plying industrial-strength hard-wearing yet comfortable rubber mats made out of re- cycled rubber. The company’s expansion and entry into this new area was made possible with some initial venture capital funding support from the provincial Eastern Ontario Develop- ment Fund and what Laflèche described as a “visionary” partnership with Québec- based Animat Inc. “I made a phone call and the story started there,” Laflèche said. “I found out we were

It’s called a “shear” and this piece of heavy equipment cuts great big tires into bite- sized chunks ready to go into the grinder for further chopping and separation of the rubber from the embedded metal tread threads.

artisans then.” The Sherbrooke firm provided the exper- tise to upgrade the existing salvage setup at MCTR to one that cuts up and chops up every size of rubber tire, from those for household cars to the monster tires used

for heavy mining loaders, into the crumb- sized components that are then re-vulca- nized into rubber mats. Animat also looks after the marketing side with sales all across North and South America, Europe and into Russia.


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