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The Biggest Loser Resorts

FOR 16 SEASONS, NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser” has been inspiring viewers with in- spirational stories of contestants who are undergoing the difficult – and sometimes impossible – task of chang- ing their lives and most importantly, their health. American viewers have laughed, cried and often times found their own personal heroes in the sto- ries of contestants who are tackling their inner demons and opening up about their struggles with weight on national television. There are three aspects of The Biggest Loser that undeniably con- tribute to the contestants’ success: the environment, the camaraderie and the education that the contestants receive while on the ranch. These three amaz- ing tools allow contestants to literally


leave a different person. Some guests, for the first time in their lives, believe in their ability to achieve their wellness goals and make them- selves a priority. Others accomplish things they never dreamed were possible. Everyone leaves with a sense of empowerment, ready to take everything they’ve learned and bring it back to their everyday lives. Lesley Carey, president of The Biggest Loser Resorts, wants everyone to know just how em- powering a stay in either Amelia Island, Chica- go or Niagara can be: “The Biggest Loser Resort is an amazing journey that changes peoples’ lives in so many ways; fitness, wellness, nutrition, spa and life coaching are just some of the programs that will enhance your well-being. Our experi- enced staff truly cares about ‘the guest experience’ and strives to ensure your ultimate goals are met during your time here.” The Amelia Island, Chicago and Niagara resorts are currently taking spring and summer reservations. For more information or to book your stay please visit: www.biggestloserresort.com or call 855-825-3498.

transform before our eyes season after season. The Biggest Loser Resorts, located in Amelia Island, Florida, Niagara, New York and Chicago, Illinois offer this same expe- rience to individuals without the cameras. The Biggest Loser Resort is a wellness des- tination that focuses on helping individuals achieve their goals and do the difficult work of discovering their own personal “why.” This

experience is guided by personal trainers, life coaches and nutritionists who show guests just how capable they really are. The resorts’ comprehensive program is about so much more than just working out – it’s about getting the tools you need to repro- gram your thinking and see yourself in a new light. If you’ve never run a mile before, you are likely to learn how to do it here. Never imag-

ined yourself eating healthy meals 24/7? You will see how satisfying and rewarding it can be to use food as fuel, as you eat gourmet meals that are both nutritious and delicious. In addition to workouts and meals, you will participate in sessions with nutritionists, who will educate you on the basics of building quality meals, and life coaches, who will help you discover why you are doing this and what will keep you motivated when you return home. Guests visit the resorts for a variety of reasons, but they all




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