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KNOWLEDGE VS. WISDOM How Education Plays Into Our Patient Experience

So much of working with patients is centered on effective education. The teachers who stood out to me, Mrs. Walden and Mr. Lidster, did so because they made the subject matter come to life. Every day, when I woke up, I couldn’t wait to get to class. It cultivated internal motivation and made me want to learn more. When we work with patients, we try to implement this same type of training. We want their rehab to come to life and have them actively engaged in every aspect of their recovery. That all starts with our staff. If knowledge really is power, then our staff is a force to be reckoned with. Each PT on our team is a doctor in physical therapy and has received a very high level of education. Beyond that, each staff member goes through continuing education that empowers them to be the best therapists they can possibly be. It creates a cascading effect through our entire practice because physical therapy is about so much more than just treating. It’s about being educators as well.

comprehend information that isn’t essential to their recovery. But wisdom is also about applying real-world applications to modern modalities. It’s our job to impact lives beyond just business, and that means connecting with others beyond the facility. When we combine our skills with support and real-world knowledge, we can reach patients on a whole new level. “If knowledge really is power, then our staff is a force to be reckoned with.” When I went to London as a teenager, I knew all the history of the city and all the hot spots because I learned it. In this same way, patients can take the information we teach them and go home with it to assist their rehab. I learned the information about London not just because it was explained to me in a book, but because it was made real to me and fostered through a connection. I ended up obtaining so much more knowledge about the city the second I touched down because I had a foundation of understanding and the desire to learn more. Our patient experience is at the center of everything we do. The physical healing is just one part of how we want to make an impact in the lives of others. We want to have a lasting effect on their lives through an experience that helps make them physically, emotionally, and mentally whole again. If we can do that, then we’re achieving our mission. With the fantastic staff we have here, I’m more than confident that we’re reaching people at this level every day at In Motion O.C. and changing lives.

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We need to take what we know and teach that to our patients, and that requires wisdom. Knowing which information to act on is just as important as learning it in the first place. Just because a therapist writes the book on best practices doesn’t mean they can relate the pertinent information to a patient. There are already enough emotional and mental complications in a patient’s recovery journey. The last thing they need is to try and

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As the weather cools down, finding ways to spend quality time as a family can become challenging. It’s too cold to camp or barbecue, and money may be tight with the holidays coming up. So why not turn learning a new skill into a bonding experience this fall? You can do it inside, it’s free, and it will open doors around the world for the rest of your children’s lives. WHY LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE? Speaking multiple languages creates opportunities for your child. Being bilingual makes you more qualified for a variety of exciting careers and can improve your competitiveness in the job market. Knowing a second language can also allow you to travel with greater ease and become more culturally well-rounded. There are some studies that claim learning languages is even good for your health. Research shows that our language acquisition skills peak in childhood or adolescence, so starting young is the best way to become fluent. If your child is in school, they probably already know classmates who speak another language. WHICH LANGUAGE SHOULD YOU LEARN? Did you know that 40 million Americans currently speak Spanish at home? The U.S. is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, and we border the largest, so learning this language is a great way for children to communicate with more Because the shoulder is one of the most active parts of the human body, injuries occur in this area quite frequently. One of the most common and debilitating shoulder injuries affects the rotator cuff complex — four separate muscles that work together to stabilize the joint and move the shoulder in different directions. An injury to this complex can greatly limit your ability to perform activities with your arm, but with proper rehabilitation, a rotator cuff injury doesn’t have to be the end of the world. With football season back in full swing, our team here at In Motion O.C. wanted to highlight two talented players who, after injuring their shoulders and undergoing several sessions of physical therapy, were able to play more successfully than ever. DREW BREES In 2005, this New Orleans Saints quarterback was playing on a one-year contract and having the best year of his career. But near the end of his last game, he dove for a fumble, and in the chaos of the pile, he injured his throwing shoulder. An MRI showed that he had torn his labrum and severely injured his rotator cuff. After surgery and extensive physical therapy, he

people in their community, and they’ll be more hirable as adults. Bonus: It’s commonly considered one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn. Mandarin is the most-spoken language on the planet, and China’s growth as an economic powerhouse has made this language even more useful around the world. German, Arabic, and Japanese speakers are also highly sought-after in the job market. Of course, you can always let your wanderlust or passions decide for you! Is your child obsessed with K-Pop? Have them learn Korean. Want to take them to Paris someday? Enroll in French classes. Learning a new skill has never been easier! While there’s no substitute for a full-time class or moving to another country, there are countless ways to teach yourself a new language right at home, usually for free. YouTube tutorials, podcasts, and audiobooks let you rewind and listen to the lessons as many times as needed to master pronunciations. Can’t tear your child away from their cellphone? Download Duolingo, rated by PCMag. com as the best free language-learning app of 2018. THE LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD ARE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. started the very first game of the 2006 season. Since then, he has thrown for more yards and touchdowns than any other active quarterback in the league. RAY LEWIS An NFL linebacker’s job description is as follows: Grab and throw 300-pound professional athletes out of the way, then tackle bulky-but-fast players running full speed. It’s safe to say that having two strong, stable shoulders is necessary to get the job done. In 2002, Ray Lewis injured his shoulder while playing with the Baltimore Ravens and came back the very next season to win Defensive Player of the Year. While your shoulder pain may not have stemmed from an injury on the football field, it can still be reduced or managed by performing exercises and stretches dedicated to this area over time. It’s often necessary to see a specialist for shoulder pain if it becomes unbearable or interrupts your daily activities. Physical therapy is a great way to learn how to regain your mobility and to strengthen your muscles so that you can avoid future injury.



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The term “Achilles’ heel” has a rather interesting origin. Modern thinkers tend to define it as a point of weakness in someone who has an otherwise strong constitution. For example, a bodybuilder who can bench press 400 pounds might also have an ankle that gives out occasionally, or a nutritionist who maintains a perfectly healthy diet might not be able to pass up a delicious chocolate bar. This idea of a proverbial “chink in the armor” stems from the death narrative of the Greek hero Achilles, the central character of Homer’s “Iliad.” Although Achilles’ death is not presented in the novel, other sources concur that he died after being shot in the heel with an arrow. Later legends state that Achilles was invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel because when his mother dipped him in the River Styx as an infant, she held him by his heel. Though many people doubt that a great warrior like Achilles could have died from one arrow to the foot, any person who has experienced a rupture in their Achilles tendon can attest to the pain the hero must have felt. The Achilles tendon is a thick rope-like structure that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone, and it helps control the movement of the foot.

People with an Achilles tendon tear often report a “pop” in the back of the ankle when the injury occurs. Depending on the severity of the injury, the patient will have to wear a cast or a walking boot, or they might need surgery. Our therapists here at In Motion O.C. offer various treatments to rehabilitate this tendon post-surgery. They will start by evaluating the ankle, specifically checking range of motion, strength, quality of motion, and functional ability. After that, they will provide hands-on treatment to relieve soft tissue restrictions of the calf, lower leg, and foot to improve ankle mobility. As patients’ symptoms improve, our therapists will educate them on functional activities to help them return to full physical activity. In addition to rehabilitation, our therapists help patients prevent future Achilles injuries. If you are experiencing any pain symptoms localized in your heel or just want some more information, please come see us for a free consultation. Because while we know that everyone has their own version of an Achilles’ heel, we can help you avoid the experience of having to deal with the actual pain.

PALEO PUMPKIN Coconut Smoothie


1 cup coconut milk

1/4 cup organic pumpkin purée

2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice (or substitute with cinnamon and ginger)

1 frozen banana, sliced

1 cup ice


1. In a blender, combine all ingredients. 2. Blend on high or on smoothie setting until smooth. 3. Transfer to a cold glass, garnish with pumpkin pie spice, and serve.

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Patient Experience Starts With Knowledge Learn a New Language as a Family Rotator Cuff Injuries Aren’t the End of Your Career What Is Your ‘Achilles Heel?’ The Keto Diet Explained

THE KETO DIET Most of us love our carbs — sugar, bread, pasta — but on the ketogenic diet, these foods are a no-go. Instead, the keto diet is all about eating low-carb, high-fat foods, which may seem counterproductive considering the keto diet is sometimes called “the fat-burning diet.” Under normal circumstances, the body metabolizes carbs and uses glucose as energy. When you consume excess carbs, your body stores this excess as fat. The keto diet is extremely effective at eliminating fat from the body. When you avoid consuming carbohydrates (even the natural ones), your body enters a state of ketosis. The liver breaks down fat into a usable energy source called ketone bodies. The ketone bodies enter your bloodstream and replace glucose as the energy source for the body. Ketone bodies are also naturally produced when people fast. When blood sugar drops, the body turns available fat stores into energy. This means that every night while you sleep, unless you ate a carbohydrate-rich meal before bedtime, your body will convert some of its stored fat to ketone bodies until you break your fast in the morning. Of course, many people shy away from the keto diet because they think the restriction of carbs means the food will be boring, but that assumption is far from the truth. Here’s a quick look at a few foods that are allowed on the keto diet:





These foods are high in fat or protein (or both) but low in carbs. Even better, many of these foods, including eggs, seafood, and broccoli, are packed with tons of nutrients that are beneficial for the body. A lot of people give up on dieting because they get bored eating the same foods over and over again. While the keto diet does have limitations, it also has plenty of advantages in regard to food choices, from bacon and eggs to steak and vegetables. You can have a tasty and nutritious meal without even realizing you’re on a diet, and even better, since fat is more satiating than carbs, you’ll feel fuller for longer.


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