Board Converting News, March 15, 2021

MHIA Corrugating Machinery Grows EVOL Augmented Reality Program The Corrugating Machinery Division of Hunt Valley, Mary- land based Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA) has announced the expansion of EVOL AR, its industry-first Remote Assistance Augmented Reality Program. Mitsubi- shi Heavy Industries America (MHIA) is a leading supplier of Corrugating and Box Making machinery. Current EVOL AR customers have been able to reduce equipment downtime by up to 50 percent. EVOL AR allows plant managers, technicians, and engineers to quickly and efficiently share issues in real-time from their facilities, enabling MHIA technical support staff to see and resolve machine issues and assist in troubleshooting. EVOL AR equips MHIA technical experts with the ability to draw and annotate on their device, text on the screen, and capture pictures or video for future reference. The expansion of EVOL AR in response to ongoing customer feedback since the program’s 2019 launch and throughout 2020 in order to enhance the program’s value and efficacy through additional augmented reality capabil- ities. With this new release, existing EVOL AR customers will immediately gain access to the following five compo- nents: This first content drop will cover every gap and limit calibration on the Feeding Unit. The process begins by building procedures for every gap and limit calibration on the entire EVOL. The long-term plan is for this valuable library of comprehensive and easy-to-access AR content to replace traditional printed or PEF-based maintenance and operation manuals. Novice mechanics, electricians, and more junior tech- nicians will be able to more effectively perform complex maintenance tasks through using this new online proce- dural content library. “Our expanded EVOL AR is the latest investment we’re making to directly benefit our customers, another technol- ogy and service value-add that keeps box plants up, run- ning, and profitable,” said Darrold Phillips, Vice President Service, MHIA Corrugating Machinery Division. EVOL AR was developed in conjunction with SCOPE AR, a global leader in developing augmented reality solu- tions and products for industrial clients focused around field maintenance, manufacturing, and training. • FE Front Stop Gap Calibration • FE Side Guide Limit Calibration • Feed Roll Gap Calibration • Back Stop Limit Calibration • Back Stop Parallel Adjustment The North American operation of the Corrugating Ma- chinery Division of MHIA was established in 1981, building on the long-term success of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ launch in Japan of its converting machinery line of equip- ment in 1957. Visit

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March 15, 2021

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