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The Ideal Treatment For Low Back Pain

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March 2019

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N E W S L E T T E R The Ideal Treatment For Low Back Pain Imagine A Day Without Pain!

March 2019

Lower Back Pain in the United States. According to the National Institute for Health, the rates of low back pain have been steadily rising in the United States over the past 20 years. The study was conducted by medical researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Researchers consulted with members of the North Carolina community who experienced back pain to understand what caused their pain, how frequently they experience the pain, and what the severity of the pain is like. They found by talking with householdmembers across the state that the incidence of lower back pain has increased significantly since the last time this survey was conducted, which was in 1992. Since 1992, the percentage of people coping with lower back pain increased from just over three percent to well over 10 percent. This is a significant finding, especially when it was found that the increase in lower back pain remained constant across demographics. A further interesting finding is that of those who experience lower back pain, 84 percent opted to seek medical treatment to address the pain, which was an increase of more than 10 percent in 1992. This means that while more people are experiencing back pain, more people are also seeking treatment for that pain, though there is still an approximate 15 percent of the population who are coping with severe lower back pain without treatment. For those, seeking support from a physical therapist could significantly improve quality of life.

Low back pain is by far one of the most common ailments ever experienced. Just about everyone deals with low back pain at one point in their life. For some, the lucky ones, perhaps, the pain is just for a day or two as a result of a particularly grueling day of yard work or a slip-and-fall accident that landed you flat on your bum with a bruise to prove it. For others, the low back pain is something that lingers for years and years, getting worse as a result of improper footwear or particularly unsupportive furniture, and never really healing or going away. It is estimated that one-half of all Americans experience lower back pain annually, and it is considered to be the leading cause of workplace disability worldwide—not just in the United States. It is also one of the most common reasons that people miss work, and is the second most common reason that people visit the doctor’s office. When you put those two facts together, the cost of dealing with lower back pain really starts to add up.The average annual cost of dealing with back pain in the United States is $50 billion dollars. Unfortunately, a lot of those financial resources go into dealing with back pain through pain management and medication, but that is not an effective long-term solution for dealing with back pain. A far healthier and cost-effective solution is through physical therapy.

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Lower Back Pain & Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a great resource for lower back pain because it addresses the cause of the pain, rather than simply attempting to hide the symptoms. Working with a physical therapist can help you to experience improved range of motion, to restore strength tomuscles in your lower back that may have experienced atrophy through lack of use, and also reduce tension in your lower back muscles through targeted massage. When working with a physical therapist, you may also be guided through different lifestyle changes that you can make that can help you begin to overcome your back pain with everyday activities. This can include: • Making changes to the type of shoes that you wear so that your back is getting more support with every step. Sometimes,

using special insoles can significantly improve your back pain. • Adjusting your sleeping habits, or perhaps investing in a new mattress so that your back has more support at night. • Using more lumbar support at work or on your commute by using a special chair or chair cover. Lower back pain is a pain in the butt, but you don’t need to deal with it any longer. Reach out to your physical therapist for information and support overcoming lower back pain, and finally find long-term relief.

Source: Pain-Facts-and-Statistics

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Achieve Athletic Trainers: Jenna Wing LAT, AT/R, ATC Shayna Langland LAT, AT/R, ATC

The history of Athletic Training services at Achieve Therapy dates back to the mid 1980’s when we were known as Great Plains Physical Therapy clinic. Cliff Lafreniere, sole owner and founder, began covering events and making on-site school visits for both Grand Forks high schools, Central & Red River. Jeff Barta joined the team in 1987 after graduating from the University of North Dakota and began providing outreach services and coverage for Central & Red River. Event coverage gradually expanded to other area schools, including Sacred Heart, Fisher, Oslo, Northwood and Thompson. In 1994 Great Plains expanded its athletic trainer staff by adding Michelle Ellis & Jon Sandy to the staff. Michelle served as the head trainer for Red River High School while Jon served Central High School. Our staff now included 3 full time and several part time athletic trainers. Outreach services and event coverage were now being provided to schools reaching as far west as Harvey, ND and as far north as Walhalla, ND. Great Plains also provided tournament and event coverage for the Grand Forks & East Grand Forks Blue Line Club, Grand Forks Park District and was the official sports medicine provider for the Prairie Rose State Games when they were held in Grand Forks. In 1996, Great Plains was sold to Health South and the athletic training focus shifted to smaller schools in the area, including Grafton and Park River. Health South added a clinic in Devils Lake, ND and added another full time athletic trainer in Cory Schuh. Cory served as the head trainer for Devils Lake High School and provided outreach services to smaller schools in the Lake Region. Health South also provided athletic training services to the Grand Forks Varmints baseball club while they existed in Grand Forks.

Achieve Therapy was founded in 2003 when Health South moved out of the region. Since then, we have continued to provide event coverage and outreach services to area schools and for special events including PBR bull riding, ND Dance, and semi pro football. In addition to athletic training, our athletic trainers also provide summer strength & conditioning programs at area high schools where they instruct athletes in weightlifting, plyometrics and speed & agility training. This allows athletes to train within their own schools & communities, but with guidance and supervision. Achieve takes pride in maintaining a personal and professional connection with the schools, coaches, parents and athletes to whom they provide service. Our current staff of Certified Athletic Trainers, who are licensed in Minnesota and registered in North Dakota include; Jeff Barta, Michelle Ellis, Shayna Langland, Gary Schindler, Heather Walsh, Lacey Wilcox and Jenna Wing. Current schools we serve include Climax, Fisher, Warren, Grafton, Park River, and Thompson as well as the Tri City Northstars semi-pro football team.

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